Your state's laws regarding blinky lights on apparatus and other vehicles.


While traveling up nawth last summer I saw Tow Trucks with red lights on top. I thought it funny how there's no National standard regarding such things and it's all left to the State to decide.
Here's the short of it in Florida.
  • [1] Fire Trucks cannot have BLUE lights and most have at least ONE yellow rear facing light.
    [2] Volunteers rarely if ever have lights on top of their POV's and if they have lights they must be red only.
    [3] Law enforcement are the ONLY ones allowed to display BLUE lights. Most have a 50/50, RED/BLUE split. FHP has computer controlled lights that determine the proper light levels and switch from BLUE during the day to RED at night or a combination as needed.
    [4] No vehicle other than emergency vehicles shall display RED or BLUE lights. All Tow Trucks, Highway Vehicles, Etc...use Yellow (Amber).
    [5] White lights of any kind are not outlawed but discouraged on all Emergency Vehicles. This included wig-wag headlights, clear strobes, etc...

Just curious as to what other states allow or don't allow.


It will require some research into the Ohio Revised Code, but I should have some answers within a day or two for you. I can say that when I was still a volunteer, a POV had to be audible and visible within 500 feet of the front of the vehicle, and also had to pass a basic safety inspection before a permit sticker would be issued for the vehicle. A designated member of the department had to complete the inspection and send the information to the state.