Summit County Special Operations


Summit County Special Operations consists of teams covering Hazardous Materials, Technical and Heavy Rescue, Water Rescue, and Incident Management Assistance.

Vehicles/assets are housed throughout the county housed at various fire departments to minimize response time throughout the county. Sometimes on rotation so they may move assets around at various times.

Special Operations if headed by a few fire chiefs covering various districts, Akron FD, Municipal FD's and Townships/villages. and EMA personnel along with a staff from various fire departments and training centers.

Included in the fleet are the following photos I have in my collection, But feel free to post more photos.

Summit County Special Operations Heavy Rescue by Raymond W, on Flickr

Summit County Special Operations Heavy Rescue by Raymond W, on Flickr

Summit County Haz-Mat 3816 Pierce by Raymond W, on Flickr

Summit County Special Operations Haz-Mat by Raymond W, on Flickr

They have boats, UTV's and trailers as well but I have no photos of those. There may also be more heavy rescue vehicles but the above are just the ones I have photographed.


Nice pictures, and your description is pretty accurate. Summit County HazMat was formed in 1985 and was the start of Summit County SORT. SORT today is manged by Summit County Fire Chief's. There is a representative from the City of Akron FD, other villages and cities FD's, and lastly one from the Township FD's. Also on the board is the EMA Director and a representative from the University of Akron, due to our partnership with them for CE and training.
Today the branches of SORT are HazMat, TROT, Water, and IMAT. Each Branch has a Branch Director, a Deputy Branch Director, and Zone Coordinators as the governing body. I am the Deputy Branch Director of HazMat. The HazMat, TROT, and Water teams are all type 1 teams. All are the lead teams for Region 5 in the State of Ohio. All teams, with the exception of IMAT are required to be a firefighter. IMAT has some police officers and other officials involved with it.
As for vehicles, there are a lot, and they are all over.
HazMat vehicles go like this: 3816 (Pierce) is kept in Stow and is the main County Response vehicle. 3826 (Hackney) is kept in Akron and is their main response vehicle. 3846 is our DECON vehicle and is kept in Akron and responds to City and County Calls. We just had a pre-build meeting with Hackney last week for a new equipment truck to replace a 1995 box truck (3856). Currently the truck is in Stow, but the new one is going to Valley Fire Station 1. Hudson Fire also has a spill response trailer for waterways, 3836 is its number. The new 3856 is the last vehicle due up on the replacement schedule. Next, we establish a new replacement order, and 3816 will be next. We may or may not have some plans from other agencies and have been working on it for the future. Even though it is a 1995, it has less than 10,000 miles on it.
The 2 TROT vehicles pictured are county vehicles, one is kept in Cuyahoga Falls at station 5, the other in Green. Plus they have other trailers and equipment all over. Akron has a retired black over red med unit and tows a trailer (that is theirs and not county owned or numbered).
Water has equipment all over the place as well. Station 10 and 11 each have vehicles and trailers. Valley Fire has a trailer with swift water equipment, and then there is stuff all over the place.
IMAT has a trailer they work out of.


This is what I have.

DepartmentCounty MABAS #MFG YearMFG
Summit County Branch: HAZMAT38
Branch Director Captain Amonett/Deputy, Cern3800/3801
Main Vehicle- Stow Station 238161995Pierce
Main Vehicle - AFD Station 4 38262013Hackney/Kenworth
Decon Vehicle - AFD Station 838462011Modec/Kenworth
Box Truck - Marsh Road (Stow)38561995International
Water Spill Trailer - Hudson Station 138662013United
Replacement for Box Truck - Valley Fire Station 138562018
Summit County EMA39
EMA Senior Adminstrator Tommy Smoot3900
Mass Decon Trailer- AFD Station 439162002CAR MATE
SCSORT All Purpose Trailer, Marsh Road (Stow)39262002CAR MATE
IMAT Trailer- NFFD Station 339462009United
MCI Trailer- AFD Station 439562002Pace American
Summit County Branch: TECH RESCUE41
Branch Director Richard Smith/Deputy Lt. Stanec4100/4101
Tow Vehicle- CFFD Station 541162005Ford F 550
32', Goose Neck Trailer- CFFD Station 541262005Wells Cargo
Rescue Truck- CFFD Station 541662007Kenworth/Precision
Rescue Truck- Green Station 2 41362001Kenworth
Old/Spare Trailer- CFFD Station 541462001Haulmark
Flat Bed Trailer for ATV - Hudson Fire41772011Big Tex
Polaris ATV - Hudson Fire41762016Polaris
New Trench Recue Trailer - CFFD Station 541672017United
New SC Trailer - Green Fire Station 1 41372017United
Old Box Truck - OOS
Flatbed Truck w/ Foklift Attachment - SCFD4126
4 Wheel Steer/4 Wheel Drive Forklift - SCFD41272018Manitou
Summit County Branch: WATER42
Brach Director Captain Duber/Deputy Lt. Bickett4200/4201
Small Swift Water Trailer - Valley Fire Station 1 4216United
Inflatable Boat - Stow Station 14226Zodiak/Mercury
Inflatable Boat - AFD Station 11, 425642362017Zodiak/Mercury
Jon Boat - AFD Station 11, 425642462010Brunswick Boat
Large Swift Water Trailer - AFD Station 11 42562015United
(2) Four Cycle Boat Motors - AFD Station 11On 42562008Mercury
Oceanid RDC Watercraft - AFD Station 1142362015Oceanid
Oceanid RDC Watercraft - Valley Fire Station 1NANAOceanid
Four Stroke 6MH 6HP Outbord EngineOn 42562017Mercury
Enclosed Boat Trailer - AFD Station 1042572006CAR MATE
City of Akron Owned Tow Vehicle for 4256AFD 6532005Ford 550 4X4