Relics, Sad Ends For Proud Rigs...


Wanaque Fire Department
New Jersey
Former "Engine 1"
1954 Oren-Roanoke
750gpm ???gal
Oren Serial # 18023

Now sitting outside the "Wheels Through Time" attraction in Maggie Valley, NC.

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Old Battery

About ten years ago, I came across this former Philadelphia 1968 Seagrave aerial tractor being utilized as a tow truck in a Thorndale, PA junk yard. Judging from the 1990 inspection sticker in the windshield, it had not been on the road since being taken out of service as a reserve ladder.

Old Battery

Continuing the subject of Seagraves with missing parts, here is a 1982 Seagrave rear-mount that was operated by Philly's now-disbanded Ladder 26. It is seen at the shops after its retirement with the main removed.


Found this sitting alongside ot US Rte. 11 outside of Abingdon VA
while visiting the father-in-law. Is sitting outside of a motorcycle
and auto repair business. Old 1960s Ford-Oren (Orens were made
in Roanoke VA. Eventually became Howe/Grumman). The pumper
has current plates (antique) and is "all there". Not sure what its
future is.


Found this one well-preserved at a storage facility also along
US Rte. 11 outside of Abingdon VA. The owner has several
very nicely-preserved vehicles on display at his business. He
parades the 1956 Ford-Barton-American at local events there.
Says it was driven all the way from Arizona to that location!
Looks in remarkable shape and has most all of its original tools
and equipment!


The Ford/Oren appears to be from Sulphur Springs, TN. They run an awesome fleet of trucks, including a custom Pirsch from Sandy Spring, MD. They also use the same font for the lettering on the doors. I could be wrong though...I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again!

Phil...where did you find that ALF Century in Gap, PA? A bunch of us were just up there in early October 2007 and we never saw it anywhere (not that we were really looking for that truck in particular anyhow!)


District Chief
Youngstown's once great Seagrave squad shown here in her final days. The Seagrave was reportedly bought to get the engine,a diesel had replaced the original. The truck is sitting at a trucking Company in Hanoverton,Ohio . Photo was taken Nov.20,1992 by Chip Syme of Minerva.
Days later it was only a memory.


Ask and you'll recieve!!

Sulphur Springs, TN "405"

1974 Pirsch 88B
S/N # 3098
X: Sandy Spring, MD

Andrew Messer Photo (2007)


That YFD Seagrave sedan looked awefully solid, too bad it went to the great fire station in the sky...I might have crossed enemy lines for that rig!


I found this Mack in upstate PA. I plan to return for a better look. And a closer shot.

Elimsport, PA


1961 Maxim S
Former Fort Edward, NY
Was getting cut up by scrapper and stopped by a concerned apparatus enthusiast. Scrapper was going to hold off for a few weeks and was only asking scrap price for parts. $2000, engine runs!


Sunday July 20th, 2008 I took a road trip getting pictures of old fire trucks that I knew about, just sitting there in various shape. All of these are in Pennsylvania

1st up

Port Trevorton Fire Dept. Snyder County
United Fire Apparatus International

now owned by a construction company, is for sale, I think for $2000.00

last photo, check out what I assume is a dump valve


Good Intent FC Sunbury

engine 511

1979 Great Eastern

just wonder why this one is just sitting there, been theere Since atleast April 2008


Miltonian Fire Co., Milton

1946 Dodge with a 1951 tank

not sure what happened to the tank

now at a used truck dealer, for sale, again I think for $2000.00


Elimsport Fire Co.

yes I know I posted this before, I even updated my last post about this Mack with a better picture. Now I went back and had a better look and got photos up close.


Pillow Fire Co., Dauphin County

Hahn engine

going on two weeks now this engine is in the junkyard in Williamsport, PA.

makes you want to cry