Pre-1950 Pirsch Apparatus

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This is one of two 1947 Pirsch aerials that was purchased by Camden, New Jersey. Truck 3 is operating this 85' model while the other aerial delivered was a 100' tiller.
Jack Robrecht photo.

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Pottstown, Pennsylvania - Empire Hook & Ladder Co. #1
1942 Pirsch
100' Aerial
#1250 Model: 38
Jack Robrecht photo.

Does anyone know what color scheme was used on the Pottstown aerial? I really enjoy seeing these older, open cab rigs with minimal enclosed compartment space. It's neat being able to see the ladders and other equipment that were carried.


Kenosha, Wisconsin
1927 Pirsch
750 gpm
The hometown of Pirsch was protected by a Pirsch. I found this one in the eighties in a warehouse owned by a guy who ran a local night club in Amarillo, Texas. The guy restores antique fire apparatus. He was rebuilding a 1925 American Lafrance for Arlington, Texas when I was there. I do not know if he is still there or if he is even alive this many years later.


1946 Pirsch/Ford
Post War Pumper
Money was tight back then!
Used to be called "The Butt Head Ford" by the old timers.

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Lemont F.P.D. IL Engine 1
1938 Pirsch
500 GPM - 100 Tank
#1032 Model: 21
Jack Connors photo.


District Chief
1919 Clydesdale/Pirsch
Sycamore, Illinois
Clydesdale Trucks were built in Clyde, OH
From my collection

Box 2565

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Reily Fire Co. No. 10
1937 Pirsch
75' Aerial
#971 Model: 16
Jack Robrecht photo.

A photo of the Reily Fire Co. station can be viewed here: Reily #10.