Pierce Apparatus Through 1989


GA_Dave said:
Buckeye 53 said:
G-K F.P.D. at Genoa IL Engine 78
1978 Ford/Pierce
750 GPM – 750 Tank – 45’ Aerial-ett
Steve Mieszala photo - Steve hagy Collection
The Pierce Aerial-ett. Manufactured for Pierce during the 1970's, in both 35' and 45' sizes. I've read that only about a dozen were produced and I've also read that there were about 20 produced. As wide a variety of apparatus that I have photographed and as large an area that I have covered, I have never seen one in person. I am aware of the following rigs. Can anyone add more?

Genoa, IL 45'
Wakarusa, IN 35'
Winchester, IN 45'
Pawling, NY 45'
Ventnor City, NJ 35'
Swedeland, PA 35'
Cambria, NY 45'
Palm Springs, FL 45'
Potter, WI 45'
Cayuga Heights, NY 45'
Heres what I have.

Job # Customer Info
? Demo --- Late 1960's Dodge/Pierce 35' Aerial-Ett (Prototype)
? Ventnor City, NJ. Truck 2 --- 1972 Ford F-750/Pierce 750/500/35' Aerial-Ett (1st Sold)
7352-C Columbia (Export) --- 1973 Ford/Pierce ?/?/35' Aerial-Ett **NO PHOTO**
7460-C Juda Community, WI. Engine 745 --- 1971 International 2110A/Pierce 750/?/45' Aerial-Ett
7704-C Stuart, FL. --- 1973 Ford F-750/Pierce 750/500/35' Aerial-Ett
7857-C Cambria, NY. Engine 5 --- 1973 Ford C/Pierce 1000/300/45' Aerial-Ett
7936-C Swedeland, PA. Ladder 48-11 --- 1973 Ford F-750/1974 Pierce 750/500/35' Aerial-Ett
7941-C Cayuga Heights, NY. Ladder 234 --- 1974 Ford C-8000/Pierce 0/0/45' Aerial-Ett
8233-C Wakarusa, IN. Engine 40 --- 1974 Ford F/Pierce 750/500/35' Aerial-Ett **NO PHOTO**
8267-C Pingree Grove, IL. Engine 1213 --- 1975 Ford F-750/Pierce 750/500/35' Aerial-Ett
8402-C Potter, WI. Engine 95 --- 1975 Dodge D-800/Pierce 750/500/45' Aerial-Ett
8534-C Palm Springs, FL. --- 1976 Unknown Chassis/Pierce ?/?/45' Aerial-Ett **NO PHOTO**
8679-C Pawling, NY. Engine 1 --- 1977 Ford C-900/Pierce 1000/750/45' Aerial-Ett
8904-C Winchester, IN. Tower 3 --- 1977 Ford C-8000/Pierce 1000/400/45' Aerial-Ett
7321-D Genoa-Kingston, IL. Engine 78 --- 1978 Ford C-8000/Pierce 750/750/45' Aerial-Ett


Assistant Chief
squad546 said:
Clayton County, GA
Engine 3-1988 Ford/1994 Pierce
Former TAC Unit damaged in rollover
Photographer-Stefan Farage
Known in the Clayton County FD as "Christine". Not long after the refurb, it was used during a pumping evolution at the training center, which sits on a hill. For an unknown reason, it shifted itself into road gear and took off over the edge of the hill, dragging hoselines with it. It was stopped by the trees it ran into. I don't believe it was ever a front line rig after that and was the least desirable of the reserve engines.


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There is a thread on Clayton County in the "Apparatus By Department" section with another photo of the above rig. It only served as Engine 3 for about a year, replaced by a quint in 1995. It stayed in reserve for several years and was gone by 2007. It "could" be in service somewhere.....

Box 2565

C.F.D. Engine 14
Staff member
Miami East at Milford OH
1976 Peterbilt/Pierce
1000 GPM - 1000 Tank
This fire department no longer exists.
Steve Hagy photo.