Alburtis Fire Company of Lehigh County (Now defunct)
Former tanker 121
1996 Mack RD/KME
Sold in May 2019 to Red Hill FC of Montgomery County PA. Alburtis merged with nearby Lower Macungie Fire Department. Alburtis Mack tanker.jpg


Highland Park Hose Company of Mifflin County
Former tanker 4-1
1978 Mack CF/1995 JC Moore 1250/2000
EX FDNY Engine 15 & 290
Retired and scrapped in 2018
Highland Park Mack engine.jpg


Assistant Chief
I see a lot of Bill Stehman's photos posted now, since his collection was sold off by the fire museum in Harrisburg.
I knew Bill for over 20 years, and shot a lot of photos with him.
Although he often drove alone to various places in PA and elsewhere on the East coast, later in life he started letting others do the driving.
Not many people knew that Bill was a railroad employee in Altoona, PA.
He had an earthy, blue-collar outlook and humor about life and his preference in fire apparatus was the bigger, the better!
Baltimore, 4/1995, Bill is the tallest person on the turntable, just behind the cab, he loved tillered aerials.
Concordville, PA.,2007, Bill is at the extreme right, we are all in tight quarters trying to shoot their aerial tower. Photo by Dave Fritz
Warren Jenkins