Our Cincinnati Adventure...


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Just to let everyone know we made it back from Cincinnati Sunday night about 11pm. Thanks to everyone who helped us out there. I have to go but I'll post a summary of Barb and my adventure in Cincinnati later this afternoon after we drop the rental car off in Akron :)

Thanks to Steve, Bill, Howard and Dave for all your help! We can't thank you enough.


Greg and Barb, Glad to see that you made it back safely to Youngstown. The next time I hope you can stay longer and on your own terms and we can show you some more of the sights of Cincinnati. :D 8) :lol:


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Saturday was and interesting day to say the least.

Barb and I started out at 7:30 in the morning by dropping our key off to the hotel room that we were staying at. When we came back out to the car, it wouldn't start.

It was 10am before the tow truck arrived to tow us down the street to the local BP Pro Care. We spent another hour waiting for the taxi to pick us up and run us to the Fire Hall (keep in mind it's now 11am and the flea market is only on till noon). Dave (District5) was our saving grace. He was finally able to track us down to the hotel and the desk clerk gave him our cell phone number (I had left a message with the desk clerk there). Dave ran out and picked us up and got us to the fire hall with 20 minutes left of the flea market.

Bill (WEFR15) watched our table of stuff and even managed to make a few sales! Thanks Bill, Barb and I owe you!

Dave was our designated tourguide until we found out the bad news about my car. The fuel pump died. The car shop wouldn't be able to fix the car in an hour before they closed (It was a 4 hour job) and they were closed on Sunday. The latest they would be able to fix it was Monday. Sooooo looking at our options, we ended up renting a car and got home Sat night around 11pm.

Thanks Steve (Box2565) for the lunch and the dinner offer. That's Dave (District5) for driving us around and adding milage to your car for us and for offering to put us up for the weekend at your place if needed. Thanks Bill (WEFR15) for watching our table and offering your pick up truck to help us tote our stockpile of merchandise around.

We rented a nice car from Budget Rentacar one way from the Cincinnati International Airport to the Akron Canton Airport (which was only an hour away from where we live). That at least got us back home for our Sunday obligations.

I'll be making the 5 hour trek back down to Cincinnati on Tuesday to pick my car up. My dad is running me down and I'll be following him back up to Youngstown. Nothing like spending 10 hours on the road. :)

So that was our fun Saturday adventure. Again, I can't thank everyone enough! I will be back down to Cincinnati for some train and fire buffing with you guys this summer sometime. You can count on that. When you come to Youngstown, I owe you guys a good time up here :) I look forward to it! Thanks to Bob (bs918) who tried to reach us on other fronts when he found out that we hadn't shown up yet at the hall. I did get the answering machine message from my uncle about your friend wanting my cell phone number :)

Towing: $50
New fuel pump: $790
Rental car: $93
Spending time with good friends and the memories...priceless
(Yes, I am heavily using my Mastercard :) )

--Oh and a couple of interesting things we ran across on the trip to and back from Cincinnati - On the way there we saw a 2 car MVA involving an Akron Police Cruiser and a Dodge Durango SUV on I-76 westbound. The durango slid along the center concrete divider after hitting the front passenger side of the cruiser. On the way back we saw the remains of a completely involved full size conversion van that was on fire. There were 3 engines and 3 highway patrol cruisers and 1 burnt out van.


Glad to see you guys made it back OK ! The new location was 1000 times better then the old one. The Flea market was good, but the Cleveland one has more different items. The auction was OK but really needs more quality items. I know its a very tough to get together, especially with the advent of Ebay. Good job to all involved !!


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Continuing with my story. We took the rental car back on Sunday to the Akron Canton Airport (which by the way was the first time I have been there) . We didn't have any problems there. My father and I rode down to Cincinnati Tuesday morning to pick up the car. That was the day all the schools were cancelled because N.E. Ohio received about 6 inches of snow :) We counted 29 cars and trucks off the road during our trip that day.

The car runs great again and we didn't have any problems driving it back to Youngstown.