NFPA 1962 Equipment Testing-


I ran across an article about this and have to ask this question: Why does the NFPA think its necessary to require annual pressure testing of nozzles, wyes, Siamese connections, deck guns and the like? Isn't the list of tings already annually tested already long enough and hard enough to keep up with?

It seems to me that with the overwhelming number of fire departments being rural and volunteer, and many paid departments being short on funds-think Gary and Detroit-isn't this becoming an "unfunded mandate" on the NFPA's part? How many more things can they require to be tested and records maintained on? Isn't this going to stretch the manpower even further?

This just strikes me as "piling on" by an organization that doesn't seem concerned with the consequences of its standards, financial and manpower and time-wise. At what point do fire departments tell the NFPA "ENOUGH ALREADY!!"

Full disclosure: I'm asking as a buff who has a family background and interest in the fire service. I did sell (well, attempt to sell is a more accurate description) fire trucks and equipment many moons ago.