Mystery old Chevrolet ex-Brush truck from South Carolina


That bad boy is a former military Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle (CUCV). These were manufactured for the US military in the 1980s. Small departments acquire these through surplus via the Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP) and the DoD Firefighter Property Program. They convert these into brush fire trucks. When the department is done with them, they're turned back into the government. This truck was probably bought as surplus through the GSA auctions.


So based on the paint, stripe, gold leaf style stickers, location of "B-1", and the buckle up everyone goes home sticker I believe within 99% that it's one of our former brush trucks. Glassy Mountain Fire Department, Landrum, South Carolina. Between 2000-2005 we received four Chevy K30 military surplus trucks. Known as CUCV (Civilian Utility Combat Vehicle) or something like that. Three M-1009 (1 ton) and a M-1028 (1 1/4 ton, add-a-leafs and front locking differential for carrying a slid in radio office in the bed). Three (all M-1009) came from the South Carolina Forestry Commission federal surplus equipment program and the M-1028 from Govdeals. In 2008 we replaced the fleet. One was given to Lake Cunningham FD, Greer, SC, two others returned to the SC Forestry Commission, and the privately owned one sold on Govdeals. Due to the yellow state forestry surplus sticker I assume this was one of the two that went back to forestry and sold through Govdeals. Of the two that were returned to forestry, one came from there in 2002, no idea on history before it. The other was with Tigerville FD, Travelers Rest, SC and prior to that North Greenville FD, Travelers Rest, SC. I have the original skid unit tank from that one. Anyway, there's the history if anyone wanted to know.