Muster at Paris KY - 10/08/11

Box 2565

Engine 16 Box Responses
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squad546 said:
Thanks for the heads up, I might have to go if I'm in the area. Maybe I can get a better shot of this old Paris rig!
I'm with you on that. Never have been happy with my pictures of the ALF.

Buckeye 53

Paris, KY E-1
1938 ALF
John Denney Photos

This rig made its return to Paris, KY for the 135th Anniversary Event. It has been in private hands for many years and will again belong to the City of Paris, KY in the near future. This rig was restored by the ALF factory around 30 years ago by a former owner who has since passed away. Box 2565 & myself had photographed this beauty many years ago in Troy, OH at another muster. It was really nice to see her again after all these years! Due to a brake issue this rig did not move under its own power, but was towed into the photo location by members of the PFD. Well worth the effort. Besides myself, Youngstown reps included Box 2565, WEFR15, Distict 5, and Squad 546! Plus our old friend & shooting partner Jerry from Frankfort, KY. One of these days we'll convince him to join up with all of us on this great site. That was the 1st time we had met Squad 546!! A Gary, IN guy down at a Muster in KY!!