Montgomery County, Md. fire apparatus


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Chevy Chase
193? Seagrave

Sandy Spring
1949 Mack Type 45 500 GPM

Upper Montgomery Co.
1952 Mack A 750GPM

A small squad on a 1948-53 Chevy truck chassis, looks like a rechassied telephone repair truck. Never saw a pic of this by itself before!



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brucobuff said:
Here are some old pics of a parade in Damascus,MD. back in the early 1950s. The apparatus definitely reflect a slower pace of activity.

Ambo with whitewalls?
1932? Mack Model BG 500 GPM
1951 Mack A-series 750gpm
1950 Superior/Cadillac


Apparatus rosters/Rusty Gill

I am expanding my never ending quest to include MCMD apparatus rosters. Thank you to the small number of my fellow obsessor's... er, I mean collectors... who have contributed thus far. I'm sure there are an even greater number of you out there that have MCMD apparatus in your collections, and if you've taken the time to research and document all the juicy details, I would love to obtain copies of your rosters. As you're aware, details vary from photo to photo, slide to slide, photographer to photographer, source to source and roster to roster for the same and similar (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) apparatus. I'm looking to compare the details you've gathered (model years, serial/job numbers, capacities, unit designations, previous owners, subsequent owners, repaints, rebuilds, etc.) to mine. I'd be particularly interested in acquiring (or obtaining copies of) a set of roster books produced by the late Rusty Gill. Please reach out to me if you've got anything from the 1950's-1990's to share. Thank you.



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Ray, are you aware of the fire flea market next Sunday, 4/8/18 at MT. Airy VFC's activity center?


I recently saw mention of a Montgomery County "rescue squad designated Chief 56 used 1980s" by the Defense Mapping Agency. Can you tell me anything about it?


Any Rockville/Mack historians out there?

I'm trying to catalog a number of 35mm slides and I have a question about the set of (4) solid red 1969-1970 Mack R engines.

As best I can tell, two were repainted red/white in 1982.
One (possibly serial number 1002) kept it's original (2) round headlights, with it's clear beacon being replaced with a mini bar in very short order.
The other (believed to be serial number 1004) ended up with (4) square headlights, wide clear turn signals, and a mini bar on top.

Another (possibly serial number 1003) was repainted red/white in 1987, ending up with (4) square headlights, thin amber turn signals, a mini bar on top, and a new Ward 79 body with tall compartments on the drivers side.

I'm hoping someone might be able to confirm or correct these details, as the variety of unit numbers on the slide mounts aren't matching up with the state/company plates, which in many cases are not clearly/entirely visible.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.



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1st of 24 new engines for Montgomery County. Hopefully these will hold up better than the fleet of 10 yr. old Spartans.
Note the proper type of siren on the front bumper, no more West coast whiners.
Thanx to Jeff Mogush for the tip/pic.


Box 2565

C.F.D. Engine 14
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New Seagrave Aerialscope for Rockville Sta. 3.
Never thought I would see another Scope at the "Rock"
Of course this rig will have to measure itself against the original beast that left town almost 25 years ago...
From what I've seen and heard of late Seagrave sales have improved quite a bit over the last couple of years, mostly at the expense of their competitor in Appleton as there seems to have been a downturn in quality at Pierce.


The Hudson, NH Fire Department has purchased apparatus from different manufacturers over the years; ALF, Pierce, KME. The department has purchased three new Seagraves, two engines and a 100' ladder, in the last two years. The ladder was just delivered. Seeing more Seagraves being delivered in the Boston suburbs lately.