Maryland Firehouses


Assistant Chief
A bit of history in Western Maryland vanished in a pile of rubble earlier this year.
The Mount Savage VFD in Allegany County said farewell to their 2nd station, built in 1927, and used until 1987.
The 2-story 20x30ft. concrete block station was built onto the rear of one of the largest commercial buildings in town, the Farrell building, which housed a department store and then an ACME Market. That building had been built 10 years earlier, and was notable for having its front portion built over a creekbed, supported by concrete walls and steel beams.
As the MSVFD grew, the building eventually had 4 pieces of equipment jammed into it.
The front part of the building eventually belonged to the fire dept., and such things as a teen dance hall and even a 4-lane bowling alley were tried to raise funds.
Over the last 30 years, the building fell into disrepair, suffered from illegal entry and activities, and finally had a floor collapse, leading to its removal.
Many of the old historical buildings in MT. Savage are falling down faster than the limited amount of resources can preserve them. This is unfortunate as the town was one of the original mining and railroad shop towns in the eastern US , dating from the 1840s.

The VFD was founded in 1896, and until 1924, occupied a wooden building next to the railroad shop complex, this building burned in Feb. 1924.

Pic 1: 1950s shot showing entire building
2: 1985 pic with Diamond Reo engine poking out
3: 4/2016, local historians salvage items from building, which had been condemned..
4: 4/2018, fire station part lies in rubble