Looking for input from muster people!


Hello all my brother & I are looking for information from all of you. We have an idea for a muster in the southeast MI area. This event would be one day on a saturday and would coincide with a national event here. That's the most I'll say right now but I'm sure some of you will be able to figure out the event. Now what I need from you.

#1.What makes a muster really special for you? We would like to have it include current & past apparatus including police & other emergency vehicals. Would medical helicopters & Fire boats help to bring you out to an event?

#2.Would an designated area for you to stay and have the vehicals watched overnight intice you?

#3.For the above item would you pay an entry fee like 15-25 dollars?

#4.Does anyone have experience putting on a muster? We would like to know your experiences good & bad.

#5.Does being part of a lights and sieren parade make it more enjoyable for you at the end of the day?

#6.Do other events for family members make it easier. IE. a zoo nearby, golf course, aquarium, fishing, swiming, & biking?

#7.How much help is needed form the city where it will be hosted?

#8.Would traffic congestion be a big factor? The area may have very heavy traffic during the parade.

#9.It would be located very near a major north south & east west higway.

We are very interested in hearing from all of you. You can e-mail us at Wbroute@aol.com or Sprservice@excite.com. Even if you have stuff I have not included please let us know. We are looking to do this either in 2004 or 2005 as there is no way to put it together this year.

Thanks in advance. Kristopher & Erik Crawley

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Hi Kristopher,

What you are proposing takes some planning, but the really difficult part is having enough people to actually run the activities on the day of the muster.

My suggestion would be for you to contact the SPAAMFAA chapter in your area and see if they are interested in participating in another event. The Great Lakes Chapter already hosts a large muster at Frankenmuth each year. The origins of the chapter and the muster was the Detroit area but it was difficult to find a suitable location around Detroit to hold the muster.

In regards to your questions:

#1 A fireboat would be nice, but I have no interest in police vehicles. Helicopters can destroy a fire flea market area. I've seen a couple of instances where they landed near the flea market and blew merchandise everywhere. If you want to try a helicopter appearance, you will need a large area away from the other activities.

#2 It is nice to have a "host" hotel. A secure facility for apparatus storage will help too.

#3 I don't recall ever seeing an entry fee that was more than $10 in this area.

#4 I have lots of experience organizing musters. One thing you must have are plenty of people to run the contests, register apparatus, and judge events. You should also have an iformation booth with a couple of folks in the booth at all times to answer questions. This means that you have to have people that are willing to give up all or part of their day to see to it that the show does go on. A good location where people are willing to drive to is also essential.

#5 Parades are generally staged early to signal the beginning of the contests and judging. As the day goes on apparatus owners will leave when they need to.

#6 Having other events nearby could actually be a distraction. If the idea is to host a family event, inlude activities that all family members can partake in.

#7 It is nice to have the participation of the city and fire department where the show is hosted, but not essential. If you get the local F.D. involved that will probably increase participation and also help to spread the word regarding the muster.

#8 If you plan on having a parade on city streets, beware. You may be looking at a parade permit and regulation by the city involved with what you may or may not do with the apparatus. If you have room at the facility where the muster will be held, keep the parade on the private grounds.

#9 Location is the major factor in hosting a display. For example, if you were to hold a muster in the City of Detroit you would probably have poor participation simply because many people do not want to be in Detroit.

You may want to have a look at the SPAAMFAA web site at:
http://spaamfaa.org and the Great Lakes Chapter site at: http://www.gliafaa.org/

Good luck :!: