Let Us take a bunch of things and make one.


This TDA was made up of 3 different trucks. The trailer came from an American LaFrance TDA from the Silver Spring FD in Maryland it severed as Truck 1.

The Ladder came from Silver Spring's American LaFrance Truck that served out of Four Corners station 16. Because the ladder from T1 failed testing and T16 was being disbanded.

The tractor came from a County DOT dump truck, the body was removed, an axle removed and the rear suspension welded to the frame. Because of this welding to make the system work it was the roughest riding truck of all time. The dump truck was under powered and geared giving the unit the name of "Lead Sled"

It served as a reserve truck while ladder trucks where getting rehabbed. It later served the Training Academy until it was disposed of. I believe it was donated and then sold to a private collector. Brucobuff will you help with that info?



Assistant Chief
Looks aside, I have history with this rig, in July 1988, my Gaithersburg apt. was inundated with a sewage backup, which continued for 3 hours and with no response from the owners, I called 911, the only time I have ever called that # in my life.
This rig showed up running as TRK8 and tillered by MFF Doug Hanson, who was 2 years ahead of me in high school up in Frostburg, MD.
We did recognize each other, and although the 3-man crew couldn't do much, there was notification of the health dept., and finally dispatch of plumbers who fished a plastic child's toy out of the sewage line.
The toll was 2 apts. ruined, many personal items lost, a move to a temporary place for my brother and I, and eventual move out.

This aerial rig hung on until about 1994, and my pic shows it sitting by a warehouse out at the Gaithersburg Air Park.
Sometime during its service, it had a bad headon wreck, note different bumper and grille.
In March 1996, it was donated to the Aspers VFC in Adams Co.,PA. Aspers would shortly begin a decline that would eventually close the co. in 2010.
I am sure this never went in service there, a fellow photographer familiar with the area said this rig was likely sold for scrap in 2000 to help buy a new engine.
According to an article in the April 1998 MD. Fire Dispatch, in 1996-97 MCDFRS donated 4 rigs to small vfds in PA and WV.
Only 2 of 4 would actually go in service and none would last longer than 6 years.9121.jpg