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Mike W.,
Your '37/'40 International is essentially a hose wagon that has a relatively small G.P.M. - - notice the 2 1/2" hard-tubes and the absence of larger diameter ones. My estimate of GPM is 250.
The pump "system" is what is called a "booster"pump system (such as sometimes found on ladder trucks) as opposed to the 500 and above, standard systems. Unless someone knows for certain who built the fire body, it is any ones guess.
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Mike W.:

I agree with the previous post on the pump size-the biggest it could be is 350gpm- PTO. Darley has that size, but I don't know if they made it back then.

In either case, since I don't see the pump shift typical of that era for going from drive to pump, I have to say it's a PTO pump. The bodywork is pretty good after all this time, and I'd have to say it was probably built out there. Possibly done by Van Pelt or Coast if they were in business back then?

The lack of compartments is typical for pre-WWII, it's probably a constant mesh manual transmission, and definately a gas engine, and a 6 volt electical system. I can see it as a pumper in a small rural community, with that hose bed. I don't know IH chassis all that well, but I would not bet against that being a K series chassis.

Hope this helps.



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Rescue 1-1940 IH/FD Build
Engine 1-1942 IH/FD Build

Notes:1942 International Harvester 1000 g.p.m. pumper that was built by the Fort Wayne Fire Department Shop in the rear of Fire Station No. 1, 319 East Main Street. The fire department built twelve trucks between 1938 and 1942. This truck is one of three that is owned by the Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum. The 1942 was traded in on new equipment. In 1986 the museum board found that it was in the Valparaiso, IN. area. It was purchased back at a cost of $1500.00
Photo-Allen County Public Library



Two views, Bower Hill VFD, Scott Township, Allegheny County, PA. 1926 Combination Chemical and Hose Car. It was marketed and sold by IH. I don't know who built the body. The chassis is a model S. (S-what? I don't know.) No other details. The first photo is from the summer of 1927. The second is from January of 1939. In the intervening time, the bell was moved and the vehicle was re-lettered. Probably repainted. The disposition of this unit is unknown. It was last documented to be at Williard's garage in Bridgeville, PA in April of 1944, out of service with no repair parts available. It may have been donated to a WWII scrap drive. This unit appears in Walter McCall's American Fire Engines Since 1900 on page 99.

Hi Gang,
Looking for photos of any apparatus built using International's newer Lonestar cab. I have seen a tanker on it, but only one photo. Any others would be appreciated! Thanks.

Our old IH believe this was a 1972 we also had a 1975 that looked almost identical to this one. This unit was sold to a department in Kentucky or Tennessee around 7 or 8 years ago. Can't remember what department it was but they had several mountain roads in the area that the four wheel drive would work well for them. It did not do very well in the mud around our Illinois town.....