If you post an event & subject abbreviations


Staff member
Hey everyone, if you post an event, please please please take a moment to attach the date to the calendar. You can do it right at the top of the post window. All you do is click on little calendar image and choose the date the event is on. If it spans more than 1 day, choose the starting date and then use the advance check box on the post a new topic window!

If you have any problems, PM me! Thanks a bunch and keep up the great posting!

Also, to simplify things, I've been using the following designators for the post subjects. You might want to have a copy of these handy as you read through the post subjects.

FD = Field Day MU = Muster
PR = Parade AU = Auction
EX = Expo WD = Wet Down
SM = Swap Meet FM = Flea Market
PI = Pump In GAMES = Fire Games
CONV = Convention SHOW = Show
EXPO = Expo SEM = Seminar
OH = Open House MEM = Memorial Svc