Glendale new rigs

Glendale typically updates its fleet with a few apparatus a year. I personally don't have any specifics yet. I do know there is a new Ladder Tender under construction to replace LT152. Not sure on the completion date or manufacturer. I saw one pick and it kinda looked like either a Ferrara Inferno, or possible a Spartan chasis, but not sure. It has been rumored that 2 engines are being spec. for 2008 delivery. I have noticed that Engine 151 has been running it's reserve/retired engine for several months instead of the usual '04 Saulsbury Scorpion.
Ha! As soon as I posted the last post I found this info for SVI Built Glendale's LT's:

Spartan Diamond Evolution LFD 10" RR cab chassis, GVWR: 42,000 lbs, WB: 185", Arvin Meritor 18,000# front axle, Arvin Meritor 24,000# rear axle, Cummins ISL 400 engine 400HP, Allison 3000 EVS transmission, 21" extended bumper, seating for six (6) people, two (2) FRC 750W brow floodlights.

16' long, 3/16" formed aluminum walk-around body, four (4) 1,000# slideout trays, four (4) 400# slideout trays, four (4) 250# out/down trays, three (3) slideout tool boards, adjustable shelving, two (2) hydraulic CORE reels, one (1) 120-volt reel, four (4) side recessed FRC 500W floodlights, rear ladder module with storage for six (6) pike poles: (2) 6' Pike Poles (2) 8' Pike Poles (1) 10' Pike Pole (1) 12' Pike Pole, two (2) backboards, one (1) three-section 35' extension ladder, one (1) two-section 24' extension ladder, and one (1) 14' roof ladder, storage for two (2) extinguishers, rear mounted ladder for roof compt. access, Command Light CL615 w/2MH.

Onan 20 kW PTO driven generator, interior and exterior outlets, one (1) electric cable reel with 200' of 10/3 SOWY cable.
I'll have to search for some of my actual pictures on my old computer, but I did find a gentleman who run's this website, which includes in the link below pictures of Glendale's Fire Prevention Parade. If I remember right he is also a member of this board, but can't remember 100%! Anyways, there are apparatus from all over the valley on the page including Glendale. Glendale Engine 159 and Squad (RRT) 159 are about a third of the way down. You will also see the old LT152 that I believe should also be replaced with an identical SVI soon. And yes, I did hear of HM157 being replaced with another SVI. Its due for replacement, as far as I know it's the origial HM unit for the city.
thanks for info

Any rumors floating around on what mfgs. (Pierce E-
one etc..) they are looking at for their new engines ? will they be like the last 6 with rear pump panels or will they go back to the standard pump panels.


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