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After 44 years, 3 as Patrolman, 4 as Sergeant, 32 as Police Chief and 29 as Fire Chief, (total 44 years between call and permanent) , I have decided to retire effective July 31, 2009.

This was not my first choice but part of a settlement reached with the Board of Selectmen to settle my Mass Commission Against Discrimination lawsuit against the Town. My demands for settlement were quite cheap, however the Selectmen wanted to get rid of me early so it cost them quite a pile of money to do so.

I very much regret leaving my Departments after having been through so much together. It is my opinion that we served in the best of times (1964-now) and were on the job while it was still fun.

Thanks to many on the list for the great support

If you are in the neighborhood on Friday, it will be a great lunch. I did not want a formal retirement party.



District Chief
Chief, best of luck in retirement. I'm sorry you had to go out the way you did. It sounds like a raw deal. Hopefully it will mean you get to spend more time with your family and maybe work on your golf swing or *insert other hobby here*. Take care,

Joe Lowry
City of Falls Church Fire Department, VA

Box 2565

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Staff member
Hi Paul,

Something tells me that you're going to adjust quickly to a more sedate lifestyle. Think of all of the people that you won't see anymore and all of the folks like me who you can spend more time with enjoying this hobby.

Really, best of luck, I can't think of a person who is more deserving of some quiet time! Mail me my lunch...