Ford C Fire Apparatus


Bethlehem TWP Fire Department
Stark CO, Navarre, Ohio
1978 Pirsch/Ford C-series - 1250/500

Bob Studer photo


Yea, it sure does. I couldn't get the story straight but I'm guessing the Chassis came from an older Ford C/ALF pumper and at some point the mounted the oil tanker body on the chassis and scrapped the original pumper body.


District Chief
Valley Mills, TX VFD Engine 70
1977 Ford C 900/Boardman 1000/1000
Formerly Saginaw, TX FD
I recently photographed this truck again and I was able to find out some more information about the truck. A private bidder bought the truck from Saginaw FD and after several attempts was not able to start the truck even with jumper cables after he hauled it home. Frustrated, he eventually gave the truck to Valley Mills VFD. The VMVFD turned on the master battery switch and the truck started.


Published May 4, 1960 in the Asheville Citizen-Times. These were the final rigs to have the city seal painted on each side (above the front wheel-well). The city seal on subsequent rigs was a decal. Photos of Asheville's other cab-over Fords posted on this board include their only Emergency One engine. Tanker 7 is a former street washer, transferred from the water dept. Another C-series carried a '41 ALF 65' aerial after the original 600 Series chassis was sent to the crusher. Their final American LaFrance, a 1984 cab-over Ford, was bought when E4 was reactivated.


District Chief
Golinda, TX VFD
Engine 1 (Retired)
1977 Ford C900/Pierce 1000/1000
Formerly Woodway Department of Public Safety