Fire Rescue EMS group shots


Assistant Chief
Bethesda: 1973; Mobile 6 was brand new (Chevy) and 1971 Ford L/Pirsch at far right was newest engine, next Ford Louisville (Oren body) would come in 74.
Hyattstown, after 1957 as Chevys on each end are that vintage.
Laytonsville, 1964-65 before fire as the IH carryall is a 64. LVFD also lost an x-Gaithersburg 1941 Diamond T/Oren.
late 1950's-1962
Wheaton, early1980s-1986, this is how they looked when I moved to Glenmont in 1984. Both squads were replaced in 86.
Violet Township Fire Department (City of Pickerington, Fairfield County, Ohio) Station 591
From left to right, Truro Township Engine 162, Battalion 591, Rescue 592, Engine 591, and Medic 592
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