Dodge Fire Apparatus


District Chief
A 1936 Dodge Buffalo conversion with a 500 gpm Hale pump. This truck is used only for parade details and special occasions however remained in service as a hose truck until 1990. This truck represents the long standing history of the Princeton Fire Department.

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District Chief
Andover Volunteer Fire Department
Andover, CT
Forestry 115
1952 Dodge Military Weapons Carrier.
The dept. converted it to the hard working truck you see here. Weapons on board include 200 gal. water tank w/pump, Indian tanks, rakes, and brooms. Sorry kids. No guns.



Roosevelt Fire District
Hyde Park, NY
63-61 (no longer in service)
1981 Dodge Ram 4X4 / RFD Custom Built
75 gpm pump / 50 gal tank
Thought I'd post my 3 Dodge rigs.
Oldest first:
1939 Dodge / General
Truck was purchased new by Elsie Michigan at local Dodge / Plymouth dealer, taken to General in Detroit for apparatus body, returned to department in November of 1939. Sold to another department in MI, then several private owners before I purchased. Truck is running but needs restoring, I'm needing the spotlight & 2 of the small lanterns (one shown in this photo) from this factory photo. Visited Elsie MI, several years ago, meet several of the older VFM that remembered the truck, plus they gave me some copies of old records on this truck.

Dodge M37 Military 4x4 - built from 1952 to 1968, various state forestry services got a hold of ex-military trucks like these for donation / loan / or sale to rural fire departments.

This is 1954 M37:
NC Forestry loaned to Faro VFD near Fremont NC, in 1961, department purchased truck from Forestry service in 1968. Was in service with department until 2005, when I purchased it.
Dodge built these "C" series trucks from 1960 to 1975, beside the Big Horns, this was the biggest truck built by Dodge. Available with Diesel or Gas engines in various model sizes.

This is 1973 C800 with 413 gas engine
Purchased new by Summerhill Boro PA, at local dealership. Sent to Bean for Apparatus body, upgraded by 4-Guys in PA, in 1987, I purchased in 2006.


Massillon, Ohio
1953 Dodge-Power Wagon 4x4
500gpm pump/200gal. Stainless Steel tank
(hosebody was from a 1927 Sea. Suburbanite)

Box 2565

Engine 16 Box Responses
Staff member
These 2 engines were operated by the Paul Bunyan Lumber Company of Susanville, California. Dodge was the chassis of choice and both appear to have been home built. Notice that the rig in the middle photo got a bit close to a burning building.


Here is Hamtramck Michigan Engine 3 credit goes to
This truck is a 1974 Dodge Heavyduty 1,250 gpm pumper


Hamtramck's Dodge I believe is 1965, I'll have to check my other records. I searched for this truck years ago, only to find it had been wrecked and scrapped. Hamtramck had a lot of Dodge rigs, being the main Dodge Truck plant was close by. Think a few of them were actually used around plant & proving grounds, before being donated to Hamtramck department. THANKS for posting photo, hadn't thought of this truck in a while.

Easy spot for Dodge "C" cab trucks, like this one, built from 1960-1975, the early models 1960-1968, had four headlights, then the late 68-75 models had just two headlights, other minor changes, but basically same trucks from 60-75.