Detroit, MI Fire Department


A local company here in Indiana just finished remounting 2 of the boxes from the International Terrastars.


Engine 54 is now assigned Engine 53's former 2015 Spartan/Smeal (155405).

Ladder 7's former platform has also being assigned as Reserve 1.


Engine 60. 2018 Ferrara 1500/500

Ladder 27. 2018 Spartan

MCT Medic

Does Anyone have a current roster of apparatus for all active companies in DFD and DEMS? Also, does anyone know what is the status of AIR1 and AIR2? Are they going to be manned companies?
@MCT Medic:
Generally the most complete public apparatus list is at

Slightly related:
Local 4 News has a video from 07/11/18 about Detroit rigs to be auctioned off that week: "Detroit fire trucks, other vehicles head to Redford Township auction", The reporter can be seen driving Ladder 17's 2000 Sutphen platform #274, with "OO/17D" written on the windshield. A couple more ex-DFD apparatus are visible:
  • at the beginning, a photo of #398, still lettered as Squad 1
  • same photo, unknown Pierce Enforcer (2005 or 2007 model, considering size of the white elements in the light bar)
  • around the 1:54 mark, Pierce rig with "OO/14D" handwritten on the windshield, so perhaps #554, Ladder 14's 2008 Pierce Dash rearmount
  • at 2:12, #482, Ladder 19's 2005 Pierce Dash rearmount, with "OS/19D" on the windshield
  • additionally, parked to the left of #274 at 1:54 and other times, an unknown Pierce rearmount with the front red emergency lights removed


Midwest Auctions held an auction July 13th. They had the followed rigs photographed on their website.

2000 American Lafrance Tiller - Ladder 20
2000 Sutphen Tower -#274
2003 Pierce Rearmount - 2 units, one was #385
2003 Spartan Squad - #398
2005 Pierce Rearmount #482
2007 Pierce Enforcer #521

The 2008 Pierce rearmount that was assigned to Ladder 14 and later 27 is now Reserve Ladder 4.