Columbus, Ohio


squad546 said:
Is Columbus pretty much all Sutphen now?
They have about a dozen Spartan/Ferrara Engines still
All Rescues are Sutphen
4 Arrow XT tillers, the rest are ALF Eagles
All other ladder trucks (platforms) are Sutphen



I was recently asked about a couple of rigs I posted from back in the 1980's. Box 2565 & I shot E-26 on May 9, 1982 and I recorded it as a 1981 Sutphen 1500/500/65' MT1005 - HS 1516 recorded. On June 24, 1988 Box 2656 & I shot E-29 which we recorded the same info as E-26. However, the 1st photo has no bucket, but the second one does. I am confused - Maybe Box 2565 can bail me out?


Columbus had begun transitioning from International Chassis to Ford F-550 for medic companies. Early in 2018, the four double amluance stations (6, 15, 17, and 23) received a model on each chassis for a side by side comparison. Since then, at least M10, 18, and 19 have also recieved Fords.


CFD Bomb Squad (3).jpgK93.jpg

Columbus Division of Fire Bomb Squad Units

BS-2: 2007 Freightliner/Pierce Command and Equipment Truck
BS-4: 2011 Spartan Furion /BS-9 2011 Ferrara Trailer
FK9-3: Ford Police Interceptor Utility assigned to Explosive Detection K9 Maverick