Columbus, Ohio

From the "one time only" category, CFD purchased (4) FTI pumpers in 1976. Utilizing the standard "Cincinnati" cabs, 1000gpm pumps and 1000 gallon tanks, these engines were delivered to Engines 4, 6, 11, and 14. They were largely worn out by the time that they were replaced and did not last very long in the extra pool.
Updated apparatus assignments....

The 10 Sutphen Engines have been assigned to: E-3,5,8,11,15,16,27,28,31,& 33
All feature 1500gpm Pumps, 750 Gallon Water Tanks, and a more "city" style paint, trim, and effects package.

The engines replaced by the above will either be disposed of or sent to the spare (extra engine) pool.

The two new Sutphen Tower Ladders (first CFD Towers with the new Sutphen buckets) have been assigned to Ladders 22 & 33, replacing 1991 and 1994 Sutphen Towers respectively. Both of those rigs are going to be extra apparatus.

The four new rescues recently delivered by Central states are suffering from a few "issues" and work is underway to resolve the problems before they are placed in service with Rescues 2, 4, 11 and 16. Rescue 17 received an E-One rescue approximately one year ago.

Finally, CFDs HazMat rig, A Marion 27' body on an HME chassis, is nearing completion and will replace the 1988 GMC/Hesse that currently responds as HazMat 4. Its destination after replacement is unknown.

Sorry I don't have any photos of these for you. Next, I will post an updated CFD apparatus roster- first-line fire apparatus only.

Happy new year to all!
This is the updated apparatus list (front-line) as of 1/1/2006. Note, I didnt include Medic units. Also, this list includes all of the 2005 Sutphens at their assignments, whether actually on the street yet or not. Same applies to the new rescues.

Engine Companies

E-1 1994 Simon-Duplex/Luverne 1250/500
E-2 1994 Simon-Duplex/Luverne 1250/500
E-3 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-4 2001 HME/Boise 1500/500
E-5 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-6 2000 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-7 2005 E-One 1500/750
E-8 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-9 1994 Simon-Duplex/Luverne 1250/500
E-10 2000 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-11 2005 Sutphen 1500/500
E-12 1997 Frtlnr/Luverne 1250/500
E-13 2000 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-14 2005 Pierce 1500/750
E-15 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-16 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-17 1999 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-18 2002 HME/Boise 1500/500
E-19 2002 HME/Boise 1500/500
E-20 1999 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-21 1999 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-22 2000 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-23 1995 Frtlnr/Luverne 1250/500
E-24 1997 Frtlnr/Sutphen 1250/500
E-25 1995 Frtlnr/Luverne 1250/500
E-26 1995 Frtlnr/Luverne 1250/500
E-27 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-28 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-29 2000 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-30 1999 Intl/Sutphen 1500/500
E-31 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-32 2001 HME/Boise 1500/500
E-33 2005 Sutphen 1500/750
E-34 2004 Pierce 1500/750

Note: Engines 5, 22, 26, & 33 are equipped with light extrication equipment


L-1 1997 Simon-Duplex/LTI 110'tiller
L-2 2000 Sutphen 100'platform 1500gpm
L-8 1997 Simon-Duplex/LTI 110'tiller
L-10 2002 Sutphen 100'platform 1500gpm
L-12 2001 ALF/LTI 110'tiller
L-13 2001 ALF/LTI 110'tiller
L-15 2001 ALF/LTI 110'tiller
L-22 2005 Sutphen SPH 100'platform 1500gpm
L-23 2002 Sutphen 100'platform 1500gpm
L-24 2002 ALF/LTI 110'tiller
L-26 2000 Sutphen 100'platform/1500gpm
L-27 1996 Sutphen 100'platform/1500gpm
L-28 1996 Sutphen 100'platform/1500gpm
L-32 2000 Sutphen 100'platform/1500gpm
L-33 2005 Sutphen SPH 100'platform


R-2 2005 Spartan/Central States
R-4 2005 Spartan/Central States
R-11 2005 Spartan/Central States
R-16 2005 Spartan/Central States
R-17 2005 E-One

Special Units

Hazmat-4 1988 GMC/Hesse
Air Supply 1996 International/Horton
BombSqd 1996 International/Horton


LFD Engine Co. 3 - "The Beast of the East"
The 2 new ladders are Sutphen model SPH100 similiar to the aerialscopes that FDNY uses. The bucket does not hang off the back.

Box 2565

Engine 16 Box Responses
Staff member
Rescue Support Unit 5
1998 IH/Horton
Rescue Squad

Engine 5
2005 Sutphen
1500 GPM - 750 Tank
#HS 3991
Steve Hagy photos.


Greetings everyone. Here are some more older CFD aparatus that are either replaced, or are about to be.

1. CFD Ladder-10s 1990 Sutphen 104'aerial demo. It was purchased for the tight quarters of Station 10 in 1992 and, at last report, was serving as Extra-Ladder 5.

2. CFD Ladder-27. Due for replacement later this year, L-27 is a 1996 Sutphen platform, 1500gpm, no tank. This was one of (2), the other being assigned to Ladder-28.

3. Fomer Extra Ladder-1. A 1987 Sutphen Platform. This was one of (2), the other was assigned to Ladder-2. These were part of the "Task-Forces" that lasted about 6-7 years. Consisting of the two engines and one ladder at Station 1 and 2, they were a very unique thing to hear on the radio being dispatched to high-rise fires in the downtown area of Columbus.
CFD Apparatus Update:

The Columbus City Council has now added on two (2) additional American LaFrance tillers to the original two (2) ordered previously. All (4) should be delivered by the end of 2007 and are scheduled for assignment to: Ladders-1,8,27, and 28, however, do not be suprised if there are some adjustments to the assignments at some point down the road.
Anyone know if Columbus has any new engines on order? Engines 1,2,9, 23, 25, and 26 should be the next rigs due for replacement.


CFD opens bids for engines on March 29th. Likely (4) engines each year for the next (4) years. First batch will go to the downtown engines, 1, 2, 3, & 9, with Engine-3's Sutphen being passed along to Engine-25. That would leave (2) 1995 Freightliner/Luvernes as the oldest front-line engines. (E-23 & E-26) Don't be surprised if that number increases for this year up to 6 or maybe even 8... the 1995s and the 1997 freightliner/Sutphens are very tired and long passed needing replacement.


Does anyone have any news regarding equipment replacement. I heard from someone that their is an issue with the tillers? I also heard that the new engines coming could be Ferrara's? Anyone have any info?


I saw E 12 in a 93 International/Sutphen today at Demorest and Alkire. They had a "12" duct taped to the door. Normally the extra's have an "X-##" on them. I was wondering if their Freghtliner was OOS and they were running the Intl. until they got something new? Also, I know I posted about this back in December, but if anyone knows about who got the bid for new engines and what's going on with the ladders, please post away. Thanks in advance.

jim trk 1

Hey All,

Latest talk I've heard is that Ferrara is possibly building then new engines, and poss the new air wagon. AmericanLaFrance filed for chapter 11, so not sure what's going on with the aerials.
I also heard the bomb squad is getting a new rig also. Mifflin twp in Gahanna is also getting a new rescue sometime, I guess it's gonna be huge.
That's all the info I have from the water cooler discussions. 8)


Jim, any word on what type of rescue Mifflin is getting, ie. rescue/engine like they currently run or just a heavy rescue? I saw the new BS 2 last week on the west side. Nothing spectacular from the outside, but I'm sure it's state of the art all the way around. Thanks for the update!


Columbus' latest set of new engines can be seen at Ferrara's website. They are production images, and have the station assignments with them. Engines 1, 9, 12, 23, 24, 25, and 26 can be seen. With this new delivery, it appears most of the Freightliner's will be removed from front line service, as well as the old Simon's from station 1. I also noticed that the graphics have changed slightly on the cab doors. They all have raised roof cabs and are rescue style bodies. I'm wondering if the next order will start replacing the Sutphen/International "phonebooth" style trucks. I thought the recent news story said the division was replacing all of the medics and getting seven more engines on top of the current order by next year.

jim trk 1

Sure will be nice to get some new rigs. Our fleet sure does need updated. 2 of the ALF tillers have arrived, with 2 more on the way later on. I'm looking forward to getting some pics of the new stuff.
Maybe we'll save money by not using duct tape all the time. ;D


I forgot one on the delivery list, that's E 2. So all 4 downtown engines will be almost brand new with the exception of E 3, and the oldest trucks in the rest of the city will be the 1999 batch of International's. The news had reported that all the medics would be replaced with medium duty units, and several more engines would be ordered in 2009. One would assume that if the camel's are next to go that Ferrara would get the contract again. From the pictures on Ferrara's website, the new engines look pretty tough.


Columbus, Ohio
October 1979 at Station 3

1. 1971 Mack CF-Eng. 3
2. 1976 Sutphen/1500 100ft. Tower - Ladder 2
3. Bomb Squad
4. Central Alarm Hqds.

Bob Studer photos