Classic fire-fighting action photos

Box 2565

C.F.D. Engine 14
Staff member
Cincinnati OH
4201 River Road
18:59 Box 7565
19:05 2nd Alarm
19:09 3rd Alarm
19:12 Request for all CFD foam trucks.
This fire was at a Texaco storage and transfer facilty. CFD had three of the 1952 Reo/Kelly Auto Body Co. foam trucks. These were origianlly hose wagons and were converted to high expansion foam carriers. George Miller photo from the Cincinnati Fire Museum.


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Eight alarm fire in 16 degree weather Elmwood Park NJ

Marcal Paper Factory Fire 1 31 2019 - 38 NJ FD respond 77 videos on the web

List of depts in this link

list of videos

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Marcal Paper Mill Fire Aftermath With Comparison Shots 'Fire-And-Ice 1-31-19

Good comments about name changes.

The Passaic river was used as a water source -see 09:55. Looks like an old Pierce Saber drafting.

This map

Shows Paterson and Elmwood Park where the Passaic River points to 1 o'clock. Following down the right hand side are some of the towns that sent their eqp north to fight the fire.

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Michael Dick's FDNY in the 1980s. 27 pp, 25 pix per page. Mostly Bronx and Manhattan

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11,000 fire trucks, engines, rsq, tanker, etc

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A sad day in Paris. Notre Dame Cathedral which survived the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, WWI, WWII suffered a devastating fire on Monday April 14, 2019. Here's a link to 119 pix of the fire, graphics of the cathedral and the spread of the fire, Paris FD tower platforms in action, a 'super pumper, heart-broken observers, heart-rending photos of the fire and its extent. The day after the fire, three very, very rich Parisian businessmen each pledged 100 million euros. Total pledges so far are 400 million euros towards rebuilding. The structure is 850 years old., the fire was confined to the roof, FF could get into the bldg to rescue precious artifacts.

Add'l photos, links and history history

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Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris 4 16 2019
Fire knocked down. FF activity suppressing the fire, after action scenes. 157 more fotos. 628 million euros pledged for rebuilding

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We has something similar here in NYC in December 2001 when the bookstore in the Cathedral of St John the Divine caught fire but was contained. A Lot of smoke residue had to be cleared from the cathedral.