Brass 'poles' are back:


Obviously, the 'return' of Brass poles are making a comeback due to the construction of two-story stations, to reduce the 'footprint' of the buildings with smaller lots to build on, or building on the same property as the original station. Definitely a 'neon-light' idea.

Apparently the tried and true 'old' ways were not that bad after all. Slide poles are much safer and faster to gain access to the apparatus floor...than running down a stairwell at 03:00. This confirms the saying, "whatever is old."

Video of Joplin, MO. new Station No. 5's brass poles, also showing their lovely Bi-Fold apparatus doors, another throw-back to the tried and true methods that are making a comeback.

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I love the Chief's quote that they built "a firee station that looks like 1913 on the outside and 2013 on the inside". That's a trend that I certainly hope catches on.