bought an '86 ford c800 superior fire truck!

hello! just recently (2 days ago !) I bought a firetruck for fire suppression on my acreage. hale pump, 1000 gallon (?) tank. will be looking around the forum a little later today. thanks for letting me join.
truck runs and drives great. did not come with hoses....can get those made up easily enough. 45, 000km on truck, 2800 hours on pump. was taken out of service last fall, fully serviced before parked. all new tires and brakes.
only issue is that it has no park brake- will dig into that, or install a driveline (driveshaft) park-brake set-up.IMG_1851.JPGIMG_1852.JPGIMG_1854.JPGIMG_1855.JPG