2012 HVFA PARADE Hosted by...South Glens Falls VFD Saratoga County NY


Hudson Valley Firemans Parade in South Glens Falls NY.
I got to a great spot,got all set up,and go figure....Just as the parade starts a bad storm moves in and rains on the parade. I got one good shot before we ran for cover. As you can see by the rest of my pics My g/f and I were forced to the car so I did my best to get some pics. Once the rain slowed down I went back to the rd and took the rest. I did miss alot of trucks cuz of the storm so if you have more pics from the parade go ahead and post them. As a side note...Dispite her hair and makeup getting all messed up and getting drenced my g/f stuck it out with me till it was over....I guess shes a keeper lol

The first pic needs some Q&A's I know it looks like a Mackcf that FDNY ran with but I have my doughts....Who has the 411 on this rig? If Im guessing right...this was a truck that Kent Cliffs VFD NY bought from FDNY and later sold it to someone who turned it back into an FDNY rig