2 Firetrucks as Family Heirlooms

Hello everyone, I found this place when trying to find info on the 1954 LS85 that used to be owned by Independent Hose Company #1 in Frederick, MD and still hope to learn its story and possibly it’s current whereabouts, if it’s still out there. Here’s a picture of the two apparatus that will be passed down as family heirlooms after my great grandfather drove them and my grandfather bought them.CAFAEF4A-0582-45B4-B061-25B84458EF9C.jpeg
That picture of the 53 was right before they had put it back up for auction when my grandpa bought it. Before then it was sold to a collection in Texas in 1984 where it stayed for a while until it was returned to the company not to long before that picture was taken.

As for the 54 it was sold to the Greystone Park Fire Department where it stayed until 2004 when it was taken out of service and parked behind the firehouse due to the facility being condemned, it was then sold in 2014 on govdeals and that’s where my trail ran cold. Thanks for the picture of it though!

I’m also looking for information on the 72 CF from the same company after it was sold to some fire department in California until the company there was absorbed into the state and nobody who was there when it was in service knows what happened to it. Supposedly it was flown to Africa to pump clean drinking water for a little while before it was absorbed into the state, but it definitely returned home. I don’t have any pictures of it in service in California so if anyone has pictures of that, those would be amazing.

The only other truck nobody knows the whereabouts of is their first actual fire engine which was a 34 I believe and I have no clue as to the story of it.


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Independent's 1st motor fire engine was a 1908 Howe, followed by 1921 and 1931 ALFS.
I recommend this book, plus the Independent's own 1994 history book.51D4W4HZ7GL__SX349_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
I actually do have those books and had totally forgotten about the old tanker. Unfortunately the books kind of start with the 53 and don’t show much information on the 54. That trail on the Seagrave Sedan ended with Carroll Manor and I have no clue what happened to it after that, and anything before it and the tanker I’ve got clue where they went.


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Yes, we didn't even have the previous photo of the 54 I posted when we did the city book in 2004.
The Seagrave sedan actually made it back to a CMVFD member a few years back, but it was in really bad shape.
All tankers prior to the 1980 Mack MC (which was wrecked) were probably scrapped.
I know the 84 Mack Tanker had the tank ripped off it and now works for Fout Crane & Rigging. The only other one I’m not sure as to the story of is the original Seagrave Tower.