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    Fire Stations of Texas

    Arlington, TX New Station 17 (replacement for a 'temp'. one) built a few years ago during construction of the project Location: N. Collins in the (upscale) Viridian 2000 acre housing project at 875 Bird's Fort Trl.
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    Smeal Apparatus

    Arlington, TX - AFR New 2019 SMEAL 100' Platform (not a quint) "this is the first Platform for the AFR"...went into-service Feb. 14 at Sta. No. 8, will run with Eng. 8
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    EMS Program

    Plano, TX Fire Rescue Squads: This is nearly identical to the program that Arlington started in 2011, which is is 'working-out' very well. Arlington has added 6 more units last year.
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    THE FDNY "HYDRANT THAWING PROCESS" 8) Published on Feb 1, 2019
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    "Imagine having to work on this"

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    "Imagine having to work on this"

    WED, JAN 30, 2019 Elmwood Park New Jersey" "A Massive Inferno Destroys Complex"
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    EMS Program

    Arlington TX. A short presentation of how the Arlington EMS service operates. It is presented by City Manager Trey Yelverton...( a wonderful person and leader ) who I volunteer for one day per week at City Hall. He visits every city department once per year to present how each operates to the...
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    Published 1922: "looks like at least a 100 ft. wood aerial...'set-up with no outriggers', and then climbing it" ;D
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    FD DONATIONS TO Guatemala:

    Nov. 28, 2018: In Guatemala, firefighters battling lava and ash after Volcán de Fuego erupted in June wore turnout gear two to three times older than the recommended lifespan. Many of the suits were hand-me-downs from fire departments across the United States. “They need just about...
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    Nov. 14, 2018 "Man’s Heroic Actions Saved Neighbors’ Home From Woolsey Fire" "They have a pool and I have a pump 12ptwith 250 feet of hose, [color=yellow] so we had set it up and when the fire hit, we started hosing things down," he told KTLA . [SIZE=16px][size=12pt][color=yellow]After, the...
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    Many homes in "wildfire areas" (anywhere), could be pre-protected and (many times the fire extinguished) using THIS 6"straight-bore nozzle, a 1/4" tip... attached to a 5/8" ID garden hose, and using ONLY 'city-water' pressure. It is clearly will emit well over 60' distance, and...
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    MACK Chassis:

    Thanks very MUCH for this info, and I will attempt to find it at our new library...
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    SVI Apparatus

    Fort Worth, TX. has taken delivery on more than 20 trucks, including these two new Heavy Rescues — a 20? fire truck and a 24? apparatus, each mounted to a Spartan Gladiator LFD chassis. Scroll down to see footage of these trucks'
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    MACK Chassis:

    This book breaks down engine use in each model, non-Mack motor usage was a small percentage of each model's total output. I.e., L model output was 1,453 units, of which only 80 had non-Mack motors. 60 units out of the B model run of 908 had non-Mack motors. Posted by: brucobuff Thanks for the...
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    Hand Pumpers

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    MACK Chassis:

    Mack L and B Models-Engine (motor) question: In 1956, the U.S. Navy awarded a contract to Mack for 33 B-Series fire pumpers. It was the first time since 1942 that the Navy sought a Mack vehicle fleet. Ultimately, Mack supplied 900 B-Series fire trucks to cities, counties, and state and federal...
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    Hand Pumpers

    Wooster, OH' Of course, I am Not sure, but it kind-of 'looks' like a Rumsey to me... :-\
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    Wasting away:

    Canal Fulton, OH. 1956 Ford / Howe Have no idea when these photos were taken, or where it might have ended up...maybe scrapped :-\
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    WOOSTER, OH 1869 Allerton Steamer In the summer of 1869 the city of Wooster, Ohio purchased a steam fire pumper from the Allerton Iron Works of Naugatuck, Connecticut. The pumper did not carry water. Instead, it used a coal-fired boiler to draw water from wells and cisterns and pumped 350...
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    Oct 30, 2015 Stark County, OH. Jackson Township Perry will be served by agency dispatchers who work on a daily rotation, handling emergency calls for nearly two dozen area police and fire departments — Massillon, Canal Fulton, and Jackson and Lawrence townships among them. "sorry for the...