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    ReMax Ford

    I believe you are correct. I remember going to Mechanicsburg for that parade!
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    The Fire Fighters Museum of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ca

    A really nice Archives area on this site with a history of the department. Information on early apparatus purchases is in a seperate section and is nicely detailed. Web address has changed to:
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    Freeport, Maine Fire ' Rescue Museum

    An updated web address for this museum.
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    Fire Co. 16 - 150th Birthday Party - 05/25/19 - Cincinnati OH

    Fireside Pizza presents! Just one week away from Fire Company 16’s 150 year birthday party! Join us at 773 East McMillan on Saturday May 25 from 11:00am to 4:00pm - we’ll have fire trucks, fire fighters, and memorabilia on display from the Cincinnati Fire Museum. Hope to see you there...
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    Hugo OK - Fire Engine Parade and Display - 06/01/19

    See the attached flyer for information.
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    ReMax Ford

    I would have liked to have seen this before Re/Max became the owner. It's a 1953 Ford chassis and yes it is a Howe equipped with a 500-GPM piston pump.
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    Ohio State EHS

    I believe that Horton built the body for that rig.
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    Chevrolet Tahoe

    It's nice to see red Chief's vehicles. Many of the departments in the Cincinnati area use white.
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    Hello from the end of the Erie Canal

    Hi Tom, Welcome aboard! Hope that you enjoy your time here at the Youngstown Forums. Steve Hagy
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    Montgomery County, Md. fire apparatus

    From what I've seen and heard of late Seagrave sales have improved quite a bit over the last couple of years, mostly at the expense of their competitor in Appleton as there seems to have been a downturn in quality at Pierce.
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    Summit County Special Operations

    That's a big roster for special ops! Thanks for looking.
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    Summit County Special Operations

    Any idea who built the body on 4136?
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    Fireout unknown in Ohio

    Leaves are on the trees, so it's late spring or summer. When FDIC was held in Cincinnati it was March. Also, all displays for FDIC were located around the Convetion Center in Cincinnati. This has to be the Ohio Chiefs.
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    Everything working correctly?

    From what I can see there isn't any method to split and merge posts.
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    Fireout unknown in Ohio

    I don't recognize the rig. The Ohio Fire Chiefs held several conventions at the hotel that was next door to the Windjammer so it was likely at their event.
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    Along The Road - Anywhere in the U.S.!

    If you look on the pump panel the metal plate that shows the pump rating has the Pierce serial number stamped on. That number is also on the yello DOT sticker that will be somewhere in the cab around the drivers door. Generally I can look up the original owner on most Pierce apparatus.
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    Adams County and Gettysburg,PA.

    From what your pictures show I want to be the Pierce dealer in this part of PA. Looks like you couldn't count your commision money fast enough...
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    Detroit, MI Fire Department

    I guess that's the end of an era then. Wasn't Ladder 8 the last TDA on the DFD roster?
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    It's hard to say without a photo...
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    Welcome to Youngstown! Enjoy yourself here and please post comments!