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    Crosley miniature TDA on pinterest
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    Ahrens-Fox Apparatus 1930 - 1977

    AF 39 BJQ 70 Reg No 2068 Fairview Fire Co “Carrying its 10 tons on a 43-foot chassis, the (1939 BJQ-70 Quint R2068) “Queen Mary” was a veritable ocean liner of a fire engine during its 31 years of service at Fairview Fire Dept of Greenburgh, NY. Retired in 1970, Reg. No. 2068 became a local...
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    FDNY Fireboat Fleet

    May 8, 2019 FDNY fireboat Firefighter II preparing to flow 50k gpm in participation of the 100th anniversary of the first trans-Atlantic flight by the USN NC-4 aircraft from the Rockaways in NYC to Lisbon, Portugal and then on to England to acknowledge the sailing of the Mayflower 299 years...
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    CFD Down Memory Lane

    CFD Down memory lane photos of CFD equipment Phil, Bklyn
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    Ford C Fire Apparatus

    1972 Ford C (shortie) Gertie Indianapolis FD Found on Pinterest Bklyn Phil
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    Ahrens-Fox Apparatus 1930 - 1977

    16 pix 1937 Ahrens Fox Fire Truck s/n 3419 Canton Fire Department Ohio Bklyn Phil
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    Water Towers Of America

    Horse drawn WT restoration at Fire Gold Here's a link to the Oct 1, 1956 issue of Fire Engineering News dealing with the history of water towers...
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    Classic fire-fighting action photos

    The crew of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle spell out an image of the cathedral of Notre Dame on the flight deck. Phil, Bklyn
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    Ford C Fire Apparatus

    1972 Ford C900 / Thibault pumper (840/500) (SN#T72-169) (ex-Dundas Fire Department) Found on the web at Open Cab Pumpers Phil, Bklyn
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    Fire Engineering Oct 1, 1977 "From Hand Tubs to Super Pumper" Lots of fine fotos. Phil Bklyn
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    Great Website!

    Pinterest German FF vehicles There were Magirus ladders in use over here. I...
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    Apparatus Drawings

    Found on the web ttps:// Phil, Bklyn
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    Classic fire-fighting action photos

    Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris 4 16 2019 Fire knocked down. FF activity suppressing the fire, after action scenes. 157 more fotos. 628 million euros pledged for rebuilding
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    Classic fire-fighting action photos

    A sad day in Paris. Notre Dame Cathedral which survived the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, WWI, WWII suffered a devastating fire on Monday April 14, 2019. Here's a link to 119 pix of the fire, graphics of the cathedral and the spread of the fire, Paris FD tower platforms in action, a 'super...
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    Pierce Arrow

    Found on the web 1916 Pierce-Arrow automobile concerted in 1927 to Pierce Arrow Frie Engine
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    [IMPORTANT] Forum Changes Ahead! [IMPORTANT]

    Greg, Steve Thanks for all the time and effort you have expended to keep alive this part of American history. Here's something very similar over in England where David Hay documented British railroad development and history. He passed on a few years ago but managed to get the British Museum to...
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    ALF Pioneer

    1977 ALF / J.C.Moore Pioneer III More pics- The pump panel and steamer connection showing a 1000 gpm pressure test, A Phoenix emblem hub cap I'll try again today for the s/n. Phil, Bklyn
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    ALF Pioneer

    1977 ALF /J.C. Moore Pioneer III Now a privately held parade piece. Phil, Bklyn
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    Very Specialized FDNY Apparatus

    FDNY Mobile Training Unit 2010 Sterling set up for confined space training and rope descent practice. Phil, Bklyn
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    Military Fire Apparatus

    Found on the web. RAF ARFF WWII Crossley 1) - (B&W 2nd down w canvas cover for driver) 2)- - 3 pix in color I can't find pix of the small Crossley cars that...