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    Looking For Fridge Magnets

    Does anyone have cool apparatus fridge magnets? Preferably those thicker 80s and 90s ones. Someone must have made a fridge magnet of a Mack CF, ALF Century, Caprice, etc... Definitely interested in seeing what's out there.
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    Fire Trucks Going Cross Country

    Hello, Forgive me if this is in the wrong place (I can move it) or if it already exists (please direct me to that topic if it's out there). I have found some very interesting Macks and other equipment on department rosters out West. I was wondering if anyone has photos of the trucks being sent...
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    Platform Ladder Info

    I don't know if this is the place for history as much, but I am curious as to when dual monitors (two hoses) in the bucket of a platform ladder started being installed? Also, is dual monitors the correct terminology for this?
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    Ghost Busters Siren

    I came across these Youtube videos today and would love people's opinions. There seem to be a few fire departments that have put the Ghostbusters siren on apparatus. I think it can be a legitimate warning device, especially when used in conjunction with a Q like these departments are doing. That...
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    Reserve Engine

    Hello All, More novice question, but ones I am interested in nonetheless. Suppose a suburban department has one station with two engines there that are both in service (they have other apparatus too, that I'm leaving off for simplicity's sake). The reserve engine is approximately 10 years older...
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    Kids' VHS FDNY

    I don't have a ton to go on, but I would love to find this kids' film again I watched as a child. It was a day in the life of FDNY, and I don't remember much, but what I do remember is their truck having Yosemite Sam painted on the side, so I bet it was Engine 93. It had to be late 80s or early...
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    Mack Aerialscope Hypothetical Question

    It seems that remounting the boom from Mack Aerialscopes onto Pierce chassis is becoming quite popular for departments that had the Macks and can't afford a new ladder truck. I'm curious about the future of the Macks though, specifically if there will be any intact Mack Aeriaslcopes for parades...
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    Layman Mutual Aid Question

    As the title says, this is really a layman's question, but I think it's at least a decent one. I think I've asked worse. hahaha There are a lot of housing developments around here with winding, confusing driveways, roundabouts and dead ends. There are generally dozens of houses or apartments...
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    Metro Lifeflight Question

    I am curious to know if Metro Lifeflight in Ohio still operates any yellow and blue Sikorsky S-76s. The only Sikorskys I see anymore are Cleveland Clinic ones with a different color scheme, and Metro seems to be operating Eurocopters. I'm also curious to know if those are the same helicopters...
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    Hello All, I'm Bryan and I'm new here. I'm interested in the emergency vehicles that have been used through the years, and this is a great site for apparatus info. I'm anxious to learn all the tips to being a great spotter! God Bless! Bryan