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    Marlette, MI -- Mid East (Thumb Area) -- Sanilac County

    Marlette Fire covers approximately 97 square miles, protecting a population of 8,500. The department runs out of one station, they are a voulenteer department with 22 members. The run approximately 100-120 runs a year. After we finished up at Oliver Township about 40 minuets north of here, I...
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    Oliver Township FD (Elkton, MI) -- Mid East (Thumb Area) -- Huron County

    Yesterday was the first really nice day of spring around here. It just so happens I had scheduled an apointment with one of my customers on this day as well. OK I admit it I watched the weather some and planned it like this. Trust me alot of prayers were said, since we all know how good the...
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    City of Grosse Pointe Woods - SE Lower MI - Wayne County

    The City of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI is a Public Safety department. The duty crew consists of two paramedics on duty each 24 hour shift. Police meet the ambulance on scene and if needed an officer will drive the unit to the hospital. In the case of a fire one FF Paramedic will drive the...
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    Otsego COunty EMS Rescue - Northern Lower Pennisula - Gaylord, MI

    Otsego County EMS runs out of one station loacted in Gaylord, MI. They have a fleet of 8 trucks, plus a Heavy Rescue unit, Swift Water Rescue, and Collapse Rescue unit. The majority of the fleet is Ford F-Series Wheeled Coach's, with a few McCoy Millers and one International/AEV mixed in...
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    Central Huron Ambulance Service -- Mid East (Thumb Area) -- Huron County

    Central Huron Ambulance Service runs out of three stations in the thumb area of Michigan's lower peninsula. They have a fleet of 10 trucks, form a mixed group of manufactuers. This unit is their first medium duty truck. 2007 Chevy C-4500 (Non-Air Ride) 2007 Braun Cheif XL "Prestige...
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    Vermont Fire Technologies

    Since I couldn't find a topic for this one I figured I would start it. I have no info for them except that they are located in Williamstown, Vermont. I can official say they have built two units this one and one tanker for Milton, VT in 2005. Candia, NH 2007 2007 Body by Vermont Fire...
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    Chelsea Area Fire Authority

    The Chelsea Area Fire Authority covers approximatley 110 square miles, with approximatley 20,000 residents. They protect the city of Chelsea, and Townships of Dexter, Lima, Lyndon, and Sylvan. Originally organized as the Chelsea Fire Department in 1888 they reorganized as the Chelsea Fire...
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    Nashville Area EMS--Southwest MI--Barry County

    Castelton-Maple Grove-Nashville Area EMS The department covers approximately 80 square miles in Southwestern Michigan. Located in Nashville, MI the department is approximately 45 minuets southwest of Lansing, the state capitol. The department runs ALS & BLS calls averaging approximately...
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    City of Eastpointe, South East Lower MI, Macomb County

    City of Easpointe Fire Department was orginally started in 1921 as the Village of Halfway Fire Department. The first ambulance was purchased in 1945 and ALS transport was added in 1998. The department has 30 members, covering 5.1 miles in a suburban metropolitan setting which house many...
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    Groveland Township, South Eastern Lower Michigan, Oakland County

    Well I'll try and start doing what I meant to many moons ago when Greg added this section. So first off Groveland Tonwship, MI located about an hour and a half north of Detroit. The area is mostly rural covering 36 square miles and is covered by two fire stations. Two years ago the department...
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    Phoenix & San Francisco Engine ID help?

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased to PICS one is of San Francisco Steamer #15 taken in 1894. Anyone know who made it and when? Did she survive the great quake (1906)? I found refrences to her working several fires during the quake but since they lost so many units in the quake...
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    Who started you off as a Buff or FF/EMS?

    Jeff's post of PICS taken by his son at 5 years old, started me thinking about how and when I first caught the Fire buff bug. For me it was when I was 5, my father was involved with the local Jaycee's. They wanted something to use in parades and such. They eventually ended up with a Detroit...
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    Dauphin County (Harrisburg Area)

    Well still a few holes in this one, but pretty complete. Most of the holes come form Airport and Government Departments. Some area history first. Dauphin County is one of the oldest counties in our nation. Located in south central Pennsylvania, this 557.7-square-mile area is approximately...
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    Grain Elevator Fire Toledo

    The Andersons grain elevator had a major fire today, still burning as of 7:30 PM EST on Friday July 1, 2005. I-75 in both directions over the Maumee River have been closed to traffic, the USCG has closed the Maumee river for about 1 mile to all traffic. No reports of injuries as of yet, but...
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    City of Houston

    The Houston Fire Department was established in 1838 with one station, Protection Company No. 1. It grew to a volunteer fire department status with three stations by 1859. After having provided volunteer firefighting services for 57 years, the City of Houston Fire Department began paying its...
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    City of Nashville

    Paul asked how I catalog my info on fire departments. This is the latest one I have done for Nashville. I was there on April 1, 2005, for the first time in 16 years. I really love this area of the country, but have little info on the department as a whole. The following info was gleamed...
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    USMC Mirrimar, CA controlled burn

    Well I think this is the best place for this. To be honest I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it. April 30, 2005 Firefighters assigned to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Fire Department use drip torches to start a controlled burn on a firebreak @ US Marine Corp air station...
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    University of Michigan Survival Flight

    University of Michigan Survival Flight 1 of 3 Bell 430's Serial #:49040 Mfg:9-96
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    Indianapolis, IN

    Ladder #X-Rig This is either a 86 or 87 Simon-THIBAULT 100' rear mount ladder
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    What is SOP for other city dept. funeral services?

    Hello everyone sorry to bring up a somber item. Yesterday February 16, 2004 the City of Detroit lost two of it's finest officers. They were gunned down in cold blood the female while she was sitting the patrol car, her male partner after he exited the vehicle and persued the assaliant...