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    Seagrave Apparatus 2000 to Present

    Buckeye53, what day were you out at Sylvania T-64? That's my station. On duty right now. Driving the truck today.
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    FMC "Custom"???

    I don't believe Clay-Genoa, now Allen Clay Joint Fire District, has their truck anymore. I stopped by each of their three FIRE stations Saturday on the way to a family get together to peek in their widows to see if it was still there. No luck. Clay-Genoa, Clay Center, and Allen Township fire...
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    KME 2000 to 2009

    There is only one other department in the area with a newer KME and they haven't had any problems with their engine. Philly and LA Co don't seem to have issues either. It's interesting to me that our three engines are all having issues. I just wonder if they rushed our engines through, there...
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    KME 2000 to 2009

    The LEDs are Whelen. The several of the tiny bulbs burned out in the traffic stick (almost half in one light) and several turn signals, and the whole fixture failed in the driver's side bumper.
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    KME 2000 to 2009

    All three engines have had numerous electrical problems and been back to the factory at least once. The paint is bad, the seat belts have been replaced on all three engines once already, and one of the engines twice due to them getting shredded. One motor blew, and currently two of the engines...
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    Toledo Fire Department

    Toledo's second newest truck, T-13 '04 E-One 1500gpm 250gal 95'
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    Toledo Fire Department

    Here's the engine that it is housed with, E-7 '10 or '11 Peterbilt 330 Rosenbauer 1500gpm 500gal 50b.
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    Toledo Fire Department

    Toledo Haz Mat '91 Ford L8000/Hesse soon to be replaced.
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    Imperial Fire Apparatus

    Engine 805, Hickory Valley FD, Sparta, TN 1973 Imperial D-10 1000/1000 I-586 Is it just me, or is the front tandom axel a single tire and the rear duel tires?
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    Ohio Fire Stations

    Holy Cow! When did you take the picture of Toledo's new #6? I was just through there a couple months ago and it was a bare lot!
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    Columbus, Ohio

    HazMat-4 is a Marion body, I just checked my photos from the Reynoldsburg muster last year.
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    2Chiefs, you from Toledo? Love the Gamewell on the stand!
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    Grumman Apparatus

    The plate above the air intake is a rectangle Grumman nameplate. Next time I'm back home I'll see about getting better pictures of the builder's plates. I have one from an old camera that is almost completely unreadable, and to be completely honest, I only took that one to get the year of...
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    Grumman Apparatus

    Built that way brand new. I have no idea why they went with that chassis/cab combination. I'll ask the next time I'm back home.
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    Grumman Apparatus

    Here's probably another one of a kind. A tanker on a low profile Aerial-Cat Chassis. This was the newest truck on the roster of the first department I was on. This is still their primary tanker. Portage Fire District, Oak Harbor, Ohio Tanker-6 '89 Grumman 1000gpm 2500gwt
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    Federal Fire Apparatus

    1933 City Service Ladder Truck restored last year by the volunteers of the Toledo Fire Museum.
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    9/11/01 -- 9/11/11 ten years

    Let's not forget those who have died since then as a direct result of that day, and working the pile too.
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    Updating Your Profile

    Post made. Haven't been able to log in lately due to a "cookie" message though... Not sure why, nothing changed in my settings. I still got the message even when I set the cookies to "accept all."
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    Fire trucks are supposed to Red ! Right ?

    I don't have any currently, but I searched the net and found several studies about Slime being more visible under the most weather and lighting conditions. They all concluded that the emergency vehicle driver and vehicle recognition were more important than any single color or color combination.
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    Sylvania Twp (my department) and City of Rossford in NW Ohio have black over red apparatus.