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    Your state's laws regarding blinky lights on apparatus and other vehicles.

    While traveling up nawth last summer I saw Tow Trucks with red lights on top. I thought it funny how there's no National standard regarding such things and it's all left to the State to decide. Here's the short of it in Florida. [1] Fire Trucks cannot have BLUE lights and most have at least ONE...
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    What do you think of Pierce Quantum Chassis?

    Our department has 7 Quantums in various types, years and configurations but one thing about them all is they suck! Gripes: All of the pneumatic entry step cylinders leak after a very short time. The shop keeps boxes of them on hand. The cab doors are hard to close and always have been on all...
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    This was Lakeland FD after WW2. They got two Ex Military (I think) trucks and used them until the 50's when the economy improved. Does anyone know what they are?
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    Hi from Lakeland, Florida via Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

    Greetings all! I ran across the site on a Google Search looking for Cuyahoga Falls Engines and found one my Dad ran from 1950-1977 on this site. Me? 24 years on Lakeland Fire Department and will pull the plug as soon as the economy improves. I'd love to hear from Cuyahoga Falls...