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  1. squad546

    Spokane, WA

    Here are some older photos from taken by Bill Hattersley, undated, from the Spokane, Washington Fire Department. Brush 11-1979 Ford/SFD shops 60/400 Engine 1-1974 American LaFrance Pacemaker 500/500 x-TDA tractor
  2. squad546

    Youngstown Firefighter Shot at Fire Scene

    Doesn't seem to be much info available at this time unfortunately. Hopefully it isn't serious and he will recover.
  3. squad546

    Cocoa Beach, FL-GMC "Quick Attack"

    Here are 2 slides of a 1976/77 GMC Sprint from the Cocoa Beach, Florida FD. Unfortunately there is no info on the slides. Not sure if it was department built or not. Doesn't look like it would've been well suited as a brush truck. Photographer not known.
  4. squad546

    Unknown Chevrolet Demo

    This came with other factory photos of Marion & Pierce mini-pumpers. There is no info on the photos, I am assuming that it's a demonstrator to show 2 different types bodies.
  5. squad546

    Bolingbrook FD

    Located in western DuPage County, approximately 28 miles southwest of Downtown Chicago. Former Engine 211-1970 Ford/Ward LaFrance 1000/750 #73-407 Former Engine 221-1985 Pierce Arrow 1250/750 #E-2766 Former Engine 221-1977 Sutphen 1250/500 #HS-1173 Engine 231 (now Engine 1)-1989 Seagrave...
  6. squad546

    Econolite Call Box

    I've probably walked past this thing 100 times and never noticed it. At the Lexington fire training center there are different items in the lobby on display. Including this call box, and I don't think I've ever seen one before. It's a Econolite, division of Tamar Electronics. When you open it...
  7. squad546

    East Side FPD

    Located close to St. Louis in the city of Belleville, IL. Engine 2121-1994 HME/Towers 1250/1000 Engine 2111-2003 Pierce 1250/1000 Truck 2129-1998 Pierce 1250/500/75' Brush 2118-2001 Ford/E-One 250/250
  8. squad546

    Unknown Illinois

    A couple of older photos from Illinois, with no info. First is from Matteson (south Chicago metro) Area Volunteer FD, late '40s/early50s. Second, the Mack on the left is from the former Elgin State Hospital FD but the Dupo FPD rig I'm curious about. Dupo is a small town in southern Illinois...
  9. squad546

    Evergreen Park (South Cook County)

    Engine 50-2000 E-One Cyclone 1500/500 Engine 49-2000 E-One Cyclone 1500/500 Truck 44-199 E-One Cyclone 100'
  10. squad546

    Burbank FD (South Cook County)

    Engine 207-1996 Spartan/Ferrara 1250/500 Engine 209-2000 Spartan/General Safety 1250/500 Squad 203-1999 Spartan/General Safety
  11. squad546

    Gary, IN 9/13/14

    Still alarm came in Saturday morning at 3963 Washington for Engines 4 & 5, Truck 2 & Squad 2. Occupied 1.5 stry frame that was illegally attached (they had built a gangway) to an occupied 1 stry frame. It spread to that exposure as well as a vacant 2 stry frame to the south. Both occupied homes...
  12. squad546

    Milwaukee, WI

    Thought there was a topic for Milwaukee rigs, but cant find it. Anyway, I'll start with what I have and look forward to seeing what everyone has!! Some of the old Macks; Reserve Ladder 30-1969 Mack/Pirsch Ladder 17-1972-87 Mack/Pirsch Photos Jean-Pierre Redon
  13. squad546

    Chinese Navy?

    I recently purchased some old Pierce factory photos from our friend Kent Parrish. This is one photo that has me quite confused. On the back it says "1953 IHC R-176 Pierce". I cant imagine we were on good terms with China after the Korean war that we would build fire apparatus for them. I was...
  14. squad546

    Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

    I was going through old Sanborn Fire Insurance maps on another project and realized how many old firehouses and fire manufacturers are on the old maps. These were made from the late 1800s through about WW2, they are fairly detailed drawings of buildings to estimate fire insurance liabilities. If...
  15. squad546

    Ky Fire Apparatus site

    Thought I had posted this earlier but guess I forgot! Kent Parrish and Greg Stapleton have put together a website dedicated towards fire apparatus of Kentucky, looks like they have rigs from every county & a work in progress so far. Interesting how many old FDNY rigs made their way to Kentucky...
  16. squad546

    Woodford County

    I don't have much from Woodford County FD, it wasn't known as the friendliest department to visit. I only thought of starting a thread for it since the 87 year old (yes, 87) chief finally retired. They have 5 stations and are all volunteer aside from 3 paid (8am-4pm). Engine 3-1996...
  17. squad546

    Nashville TN Firehouses (1949)

    The city of Nashville archives has a collection of photos from 1949 of the firehouses in the city, I assume it's all the active houses at that time. Photos credit to Nashville Metro Gov. Department HQ-501 Deadrick St. Engine 1-1317 3rd Ave. South Engine 3-301 Foster Street Engine 4 & Truck...
  18. squad546

    Jessamine County FPD

    Jessamine County borders Fayette County to the south and the county seat is Nicholasville. Population is 48,856 for the entire county. The Jessamine County Fire Protection District has 7 stations with 8 engines, 1 ladder, 2 rescues, 2 tankers & 3 brush trucks. There are 3 departments within...
  19. squad546

    Sutphen Fire Apparatus 2010 to 2019

    Franklin County, Ky Engine 7-2010 Sutphen 1500/1000/30A
  20. squad546

    State Hospital FDs

    Had no idea where to put this one. I was looking through old photos at the Kankakee County Museum & stumbled across these 2. Sometime around the turn of the century, it's the Kankakee State Hospital Fire Brigade. It was comprised of both employees & patients. Sometime in the early 1970s the...