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    Akron Fire

    Order in for a Pierce Arrow XT mid mount 100 foot platform per Finley fires FB page
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    Akron Fire

    Not arguing with you brother. Seriously the city passed a public safety levy for fire and police, building millions of dollars in stations. Bought ladders and engines over the last few years. But they can't afford a red 4door pickup with pretty much a utility box on the back? I grew up in...
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    Akron Fire

    LoL the city couldn't afford a red pick up chassis? Has station 12 building started yet?
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    Akron Fire

    Yeah seen the rescue in Finley's FB page. The color is a turn for Akron. I'd be interested in why they went back to such a small truck?
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    Akron Fire

    Akron has a Pierce rescue on order 5 got a new quint or tower and as mentioned 14 went from a "tower" to engine.
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    Akron Fire

    Akron has two customs in production Finley Fire had pictures of them under construction then took them down. One was a raised roof, the other was a flat roof cab. Saber was the flat roof I think.
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    Akron Fire

    E12 got a Pierce/Freightliner, its on Finley's page.
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    Akron Fire

    Finley FB page thanked them for a ladder and saber pumper.
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    AKRON_"new truck"? AFD needs needs a few new trucks.
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    Akron Fire

    They bought a ladder and aren't supposed to climb it? Weird thought there. Why not just buy a tele squirt or one of the snozzles..... Anyway, :) City really needs to buy some equipment! I thought they were building a new #2 and #12. Read the papers a few years and they showed the app. floor...
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    Copley-Bath Fire Department

    Spent some time at the old station 2 during Paramedic school, back around 1990. Guy in class ran with Copley and a few of us went out to study there. I remember a squad, engine and a pick up loaded with 5".
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    Akron Fire

    Hard to understand my hometown FD. I'm guessing this is the FEMA money truck? Disbanding engine and ladder for the quint. Will the truck carry extraction tools as well? Always thought a quint would have been ideal for the valley(11) or the deep west end (12). These two stations are on the edge...
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    Emergency One 135' Aerials

    Huntington WV has one and is in reserve now. Replaced with a KME Mid Mount.
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    Canteen Units

    Know how I can tell your a vollie. ::) I've been on the job over 20 years and while its nice, neither myself nor my men have suffered from lack of "hot coffee."
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    Vestal NY Fire Department

    Around 15 years ago, a member of a local VFD was standing up putting his gear on as you mention. He is paralyzed from the chest down now as the truck he was standing up in rolled over going around a turn.
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    Charleston FD; the state capital

    Charleston replaced the Tower pictured with a new Smeal. Also last year they added a Pierce engine and a Hackney rescue similar to Huntington and Wheeling rescues. The Hackney rescue replaced a GMC something or other that is now running at Rio Grande Ohio.
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    Wheeling, WV

    I took a week end and went up to Wheeling and went to the casino last year. Went to the fish market which happened to be down the street from the main station built in the parking garage. I took a couple of quick shots as they had the doors up. I need to find them. Wheeling has a decent site...
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    No Lights and Siren?

    I think it is a great idea, we have the option to do the same where I work as well.
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    Akron Fire

    I have to ask the question. On the numbers mentioned, how the city bought 3 engines, 4 squads and have an engine going out for re furb in the last four years? Again just question, check out the end of the year reports on the fire portion of the Akron site. All specs for the trucks are there.
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    Akron Fire

    Wow my hometown does some strange things. Don't understand why they would disband a ladder co.? All five are so spread across the city as it is. Just reading the 09 report, and noticed they replaced a few engines (7,8) yet the majority of the companies are running 91 Sutphens.