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    F.D.N.Y. Sappers & Miners

    F.D.N.Y. Corps Sappers and Miners Impetus for Sappers & Miners Corps was the Great fires of Chicago and Boston, particularly Boston due to failure of improper building demolition to halt and instead accelerate the spread of the fire. After these fires a citizen committee formed by pressure...
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    Ford Ambulance

    198X or 9X Vintage-Unk/Ford Type II-Possibly McCoy Miller or Wheeled Coach? Apparently when you get good enough they will assign you to Medic 51. :)
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    Modular Ambulance Corporation-M.A.C.

    197Something Modular Ambulance Corp. Type I-Modulance Model (?)-Originally one of a pair purchased by Braintree Mass. Police Dept. sold to Metro EMS for a dollar when private company assumed ambulance service under contract. Later moved to Brookline Mass. and pair ran together in Brookline after...
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    National Board of Fire Underwriters

    The N.B.F.U., predecessor to the I.S.O. made some very in depth studies in it's day. Check out the Hamtramck Fire Department of the past.
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    2220 Hours Boston Box 1521 Church and Winchester St.s

    Sixty Nine years ago tonight, at 2220 hours, Fire Alarm Box 1521 tapped in at the Boston Fire Alarm Office. In the next four minutes, three additional alarms would be struck, with the Second Alarm being skipped and a call would go out for all available public and private ambulances. In less...
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    Fire Alarm Offices-Behind the Scenes

    While it is not uncommon to see pictures of the inside of a Fire Alarm Office, it is a bit unusual to see the inside of a fire alarm office panel. Photo believed to be the Boston Fire Alarm Office. Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection
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    Protective Equipment and Breathing Apparatus

    In this post we see two types and three manufacturers of early 20th century breathing apparatus. The first and last firemen in line wear Paul Self Contained Breathing Apparatus or "Oxygen Helmets". Note that the Paul Masks are not full face piece. There is a mouthpiece for breathing through...
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    Our Fire Department

    Our Fire Department Engine Company # 3 Circa 1954
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    NFPA 1410

    How many of you use NFPA 1410 in setting up or operating your departments operations?
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    Forcible Entry Tools

    Forcible Entry or Open Up Tools as they are called someplaces go beyond the axe and the Halligan Bar. In fact some of the greatest variety and experimentation have been in developing Open Up tools. While some are universal, like the Pick Head Axe, others may be unique to a region or city. Image...
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    United States Forest Service

    Some USFS Apparatus from the National Archives
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    Cleveland Gas Expolosion 1944

    I am looking for info on a major gas explosion that occured, if I remember correctly, in Cleveland during WW II. I think it was around 1944. Can anyone help? Thanx...
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    Boardman-MEMCO-SPONCO-Does anybody know?

    Was there a relationship, formal or informal between Boardman and SPONCO-MEMCO?
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    Dayton Fire Dept Circa 1970

    Weird Question Dept. Would anyone be able and willing to give me an idea about the size of the Dayton Fire Dept back in 1970. My parents stopped there back then on the way back from the IFBA Convention so we could go to the USAF Museum at Wright-Patt. I dug out some old Fire Engineerings...
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    Nahant Massachusetts American LaFrance Pumper

    The Nahant Massachusetts Fire Dept will be celebrating it's 102nd Anniversary on May 30th 2010. They are looking for information on their 1918 ALF Pumper. I believe it was a Type 75. At the time it was sold in the early 1970's it was claimed to be the oldest in service apparatus in the...
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    Chevy Van Type III

    Seattle FD 1985ish
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    Cambridge Mass. 3rd Alarm

    A Third Alarm has been transmitted in the City of Cambridge for Box 853, the fire location, 72 Lexington Ave. Fire reported in a 2 1/2 story wood frame dwelling. Fire is through the roof and has extended to Bravo, Charlie and Delta Exposures. Mutual Aid from Boston, Arlington, Belmont...
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    Towers by the side of the road.

    Ex-NYS. If they thought they were heading for a quiet retirement when they left, boy were they surprised. Saw plenty of fire duty in second careers.
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    "Calamity Jane" Civil Defense Rescue Trucks

    Starting in the 1950's the Federal Civil Defense Agency set up a Rescue Service Program, principally to deal with "Atomic Attack" but also capable of responding to natural disasters as well. Part of the program was a set of standards and patterns for light and heavy rescue trucks available via...
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    Building Fire

    It's a drizzily, foggy, chilly night in the late fall of a small northeast city. The metropolitan area is made up of several adjoining cities all small to medium sized with a single large city in the mix. All are part of a well organized system of mutual aid made up of only full career...