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    Colonial Park Dauphin County Truck 33 LTI Spartan 75ft aerial ladder
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    Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad 19 Montgomery County Saulsbury Duplex (soon to be replaced)
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    Life Line

    Liberty FC East Berlin Adams County Ambulance 11A 2004 Chevy 4500 Lifeline
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    Fire Rescue EMS group shots

    Paxtang FC Dauphin County Harrisburg, PA engine 40 1981 Mack CF 2004 ITE 1250 GPM 500 GWT 2011 Pierce Arrow XT 1500 GPM 500 GWT 50 gallon foam
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    Since the Keystone state fire apparatus thread also disappeared, I'm going to start another. Southside FC Riverside Howe Chevy Northumberland FC emergency patrol
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    KME Fire Apparatus 2010 to 2019

    8-14-10 Lykens parade Reliance Hose Co., Elizabethville Dauphin County Rescue 21 2010 KME Predator XLFD 1500 GPM 500 GWT 20 gallon class A foam
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    Bloomsburg PA

    Here's a few pics from the Bloomsburg, PA Fire Dept. I didn't know this was in their station till we happen to stop there for pics of their air unit and the antique engine.
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    Emmitsburg, MD

    4-3-10 Slagle Hotel Main Street & S. Seton Ave. Emmitsburg, MD hotel / apartment building fire these pics are them overhauling using foam the apparatus pics I posted yesterday are from this fire more pics to follow
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    William Cameron Engine Co., Lewisburg, PA.

    On 9-6-09 my friends and I visited the William Cameron Engine Co. of Lewisburg. This was my second time there and the first chance I had to go through their museum. Before we spoke to anyone I told my friend how I was treated there on the first visit, which was outstanding. The second visit...
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    I M Supply Inc

    I M Supply Inc IM Supplies Fire Apparatus Division Harrisburg, PA this company has an ad in the latest issue of the Pennsylvania Fireman on page 213 I just happen to come upon this rescue one day sitting outside of their building. I was wondering who manufactured it, now I know.
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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    11-20-2008 2000 block North Fifth Street The Harrisburg Fire Dept was alerted for a row home fire in the 2000 block of North Fifth Street. The fire did heavy damage to two of the four units. Upon arrival fire fighters encountered fire in the rear from the first floor to the third floor. The...
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    Millwood Station Volunteer Fire Rescue Frederick County Winchester engine 21 Pierce Contender rescue engine 21 Marion Spartan
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    Hanover, PA area

    New York Wire Middle Street Hanover 8-18-07 fire in paint drying tower photos by Dustin Weese
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    Maryland State Police

    Trooper 2 at Andrews Air Force Base joint military services open house
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    Pierce TFFT

    369TH Fire Fighters unit location : North Penn Memorial, USARC Norristown, PA
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    Honolulu Fire Dept Hawaii

    Honolulu Fire Dept Hawaii Ladder 2 check out the surf board all of my Honolulu fire pictures were taken April 2007
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    Found apparatus at a PA fire station

    Here is apparatus that we found sitting in a field behind a PA. fire station. I will add additional information to the photos when I get time to look for it.
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    SPI ( Steeldraulics Products Inc. )

    Here I will post some photos of the Steeldraulics fire apparatus plant that they had located just outside of Waynesboro Franklin County, PA. I'll also post photos of fire apparatus that they either built or rebuilt at their facility. I hope you enjoy them. :D
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    Seagrave - Timpco Apparatus

    North End Fire Company Pine Grove,PA Seagrave International 750 GPM Moderator's message: This photo was lost during a site update.
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    Midstates Fire Truck Company

    Nippenose Valley Volunteer Fire Company photo taken 9-26-03 at Schuylkill County fire school Photo lost during site update.