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    Front Apparatus Pics

    I Think it would be interesting to have a topic on head-on shots of apparatus. Any year/make/model. Linglestown Fire Co. Lower Paxton Twp., Pa. Rescue 35 2006 American La France/Medic Master
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    FDNY Squad 18 & Tower Ladder 12 (11-23-08)

    Pics from a wreck between FDNYs Squad 18 & Tower Ladder 12 Credits to Christopher Sadowski
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    Apparatus Equipped with Roto-Rays

    Lets start a topic on apparatus that have Roto-Rays mounted on them, Old or new rigs. Longwood Fire Co. Chester County, Pa. Ladder 25 2006 Pierce Quantum 2000/300/75' RM Pierce Job # 16265
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    2008 Fire Expo, Harrisburg, Pa.

    Well even though the Expo in Harrisburg was almost 2 months ago i'm gonna post my shots. The Harrisburg Expo was held on May 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2008. I took lots of pics and even though they didnt come out the best, their better than no pics at all. I'll start it off with a Pierce Arrow XT...
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    RD Murray

    Alert Fire Co. No. 1 of Downingtown Chester County, Pa. Engine 45 1998 Spartan/RD Murray 2000/700/30/30
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    National Fire Buff Forum

    Great fire buff site where you can post pictures, share information, ETC.
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    Chevron Striping On Fire Apparatus

    Lets start a thread about Chevron Striping on Fire Apparatus. Here is the rear of: Swedesburg Vol. Fire Co. Swedesburg, Pa. Rescue 49 2004 HME/Horton
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    GMC Yukon

    Swedeland Vol. Fire Co. Swedeland, Pa. Chief 48 2004 GMC Yukon
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    HME Chassis

    Post rigs with HME Chassis here, old or new. I'll start it off with: Swedesburg Vol. Fire Co. Swedesburg, Pa. Rescue 49 2005 HME/Horton
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    MS Paint

    Lets start a thread for MS Paint Drawings Philadelphia Fire Dept. Squad 47 2004 American La France 1500/500 Credits to KDWMAEMT & RIEMT of
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    Boston Fire Department

    Boston Fire Dept. Boston, Mass. Engine 32 2003 Pierce Enforcer 1250/500/CAFS unknown photographer
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    Rescue 1

    Lansdowne Fire Co. Delaware County, Pa. Rescue 19 2004 Seagrave/Rescue 1 unknown photographer
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    West Whiteland Fire Co. Chester County, Pa. Rescue 6 1988 Simon-Duplex/Marion unknown photographer
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    Fire Apparatus Journal

    There is a bi-monthly magazine that has new apparatus deliverys. it is called Fire Apparatus Journal
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    The Real World:Boston

    If anybody watches MTV i remember that The Real World taped a season in a Former Boston Firehouse. i remember seeing some firefighting stuff as decorations around the house. i believe this aired in 1995, but really cant verify this. i will research this later on tonight.
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    Pierce Impel

    New Pierce Impel Chassis the downgraded model of the Velocity Pic Courtesy of Pierce MFG
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    Pierce Velocity

    New Pierce Velocity Chassis Photo lost during site update.
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    New FDNY Rescue 1

    got some more pics of rescue 1 pics courtesy of unknown photographer
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    New Philadelphia Area Fire News Forum

    The Philadelphia Area Fire News Forum is up & running
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    Dirty Jobs

    there is a show on the discovery channel called Dirty Jobs on one episode mike rowe did a dirty job with the Fremont Fire Dept. in Fremont, California