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    Emergency One Apparatus 2010 to Present Day

    Lexington, Ky Rescue 1-2017 E-One Cyclone II
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    Lexington, Ky

    New Rescue 1-2017 E-One Cyclone II Don't know what they are doing with the "old" Pierce 2009 rescue. I'm assuming re-assign it.
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    Howe Fire Apparatus Through 1959

    New Albany, IN Engine 5-1940 Howe/International 750/ Photographer-Richard Adelman
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    Gary, In

    Truck 1-1971 American LaFrance 100' Photographer Unknown
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    State Hospital FDs

    Jamestown State Hospital, North Dakota 1984 Grumman 1500/0/95' Photographer-L. Phillips Not sure if this is still in-service. One of the nicer state hospital rigs I've seen!
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    Gary, In

    Engine 3-1986 Mack/3D Metals 1500/500 #MC686FC-1206 Engine 14-1979 Ford/E-One 1250/500 #1363 Also served at Engines 1,2 & 11 Garry Kadzielawski Photos
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    Gary, In

    Squad 2-1993 Pierce Lance #E-7338 Garry Kadzielawski photo This was the original rig before it's first accident & rebuild.
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    Smeal Apparatus

    Prestonsburg, Ky 1983 White/Smeal 104' Photographer Unknown
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    Gary, In

    Truck 8-1968 American LaFrance/1982 Refurb Photographer-Dennis J. Maag
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    Gary, In

    Getting close to being on the streets! Photos courtesy the GFD Facebook page.
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    Gary, In

    Truck 8-1968 Mack C 100' MM #1429 Photographer-Chuck Madderom
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    Gary, In

    Engine 6-1972 American LaFrance (Rehabbed in '82) 1500/500 Photographer Unknown
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    Philadelphia FD

    No info on these slides, probably from the mid-50s. Not sure if these are new deliveries or pump testing. Photographer not known.
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    Wow, I had no idea that this was still around!
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    Wrecked or Damaged Apparatus

    Cleveland, OH Ladder 18 @2610 Lorain 5-5 alarm, January 5, 1976 John McCown photo