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    Fire trucks are supposed to Red ! Right ?

    I'm a fireman not an english major. Obviously you are not the former or you wouldn't feel the need to correct someone elses sentence structure and/or spelling. Feel free to correct this too if it somehow makes you feel better. Modified by Moderator WEFR 15 4-29-09 15:21
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    Hose Wagons

    The very first Lakeland, FL fire department in front of their hose wagon.
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    Pirsch Apparatus 1950 - 1969

    Like this could happen now days without people getting all offended! "Miss Flame" Competition, Lakeland, FL on a 1956 Peter Pirsch.
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    Tampa Bay Area in FL - Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties

    Re: Tampa Bay, FL - Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties Just for the record there's no place on land named "Tampa Bay" Tampa Bay is a bay, a body of water surrounded by Tampa, St. Petersburg, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties and many other smaller cities.
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    Lakeland, FL ARFF1 Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.
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    Grumman Apparatus

    Lakeland, FL 1981 Grumman Fire Cat (sold at auction)
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    Florida Fire Patches

    Our patch from the 70's and 80's (Citrus Themed Patch)
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    Florida Fire Stations

    LFD Station One in the 50's. 1948 Seagrave Ladder 1925 Peter Pirsch Pumper 1946 Pirsch/Ford Pumper
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    Florida Fire Stations

    Our newest station #6
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    Florida Fire Stations

    Our long gone Station #2 way back then.
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    Florida Fire Stations

    Lakeland, FL Station 1. Not ALL Florida Fire Stations look silly and lack the class of Yankee stations.
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    Florida Fire Patches

    Florida Wildland Firefighter
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    Your state's laws regarding blinky lights on apparatus and other vehicles.

    While traveling up nawth last summer I saw Tow Trucks with red lights on top. I thought it funny how there's no National standard regarding such things and it's all left to the State to decide. Here's the short of it in Florida. [1] Fire Trucks cannot have BLUE lights and most have at least ONE...
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    Fire trucks are supposed to Red ! Right ?

    That data is so old and flawed that sensible people disregard it as junk science. Color has little bearing in relation to crashes and there's no excuse for not operating your rig with due care, no matter what color it is. I could drive a midnight black rig into eternity and be safe because...
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    That ain't Orange...THIS is Orange! Clearwater, FL By the way...Pierce is phasing out this color due to the extreme fading over time.