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    Samuel Eastman Company

    I have a huge three inlet deck gun that I was told was built by the Samuel Eastman CO in Concord NH. It has 3 inlets and a 3-1/2" discharge with a 3-1/2" to 3" stream shaper- then reduces again to 2-1/2" threads. It has folding legs -kinda like a early verson of an Akron Apollo--- does any one...
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    Hahn Apparatus 1970 - 1990

    79 Hahn-- Ford F-700- 391- 5 speed tranny- 1000 Hale-500 water Originally from PA- now in service in AR
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    76 Sanford-- c/70 Chevy-427 /5'2 tranny- 1000 Hale-- 750 water -- Originally from NY-- now in service in AR-
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    Reading Equipment

    1968 Chevrolet/Reading C-60 Chevy-327 /5 speed- 4wd conversion by NAPCO Photo lost during site update.