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    Along The Road - Anywhere in the U.S.!

    Took this Mack picture couple years back on side of the road somewhere in virgina.
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    Command vehicles

    Place to post your fire dept command vehicles
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    Marion Apparatus

    i think i own this truck, has a 750 front mount pump with a 400 gal tank
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    your states laws on lights & sirens

    what is your state laws on lights & sirens ?
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    how far away can you hear a siren on a rig ?

    thanks for the info on this.
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    Pirsch Apparatus 1970 - 1991

    the louisville ky engine 5 i think is now { CLIMAX VFD - ENGINE 1 IN ROCKCASTLE COUNTY.
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    Prospect Fire Apparatus

    is that two booster reels on this 1929 prospect ?
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    Ford Apparatus

    thanks for the info phil.
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    Ford Apparatus

    great fleet of rigs, are they a fire dept or history group ?
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    New York Fire Houses

    very nice sigle bay fire house, is it still around or long gone ?
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    ALF Pioneer

    is this truck still in service ?
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    can a 1930 open cab pumper be in fire service per NFPA ?

    the old members wanted to keep it i guess so the rural farming community kept it & then had it redone at some point, am trying to find my photo of it & info in my files
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    can a 1930 open cab pumper be in fire service per NFPA ?

    i seen a department that has a 1930 american lafrance in front line service has new tank,new pumper & motor can it still be in service by NFPA ?
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    Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Engine Design Photos

    that is a awsome fine, you been able to find out where the rig is now ?
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    fire departments with funny names

    breeding vfd - kentucky