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    Massachusetts Fire Houses

    Corner of Franklin and Baker Streets. Originally built for Engine #6, for a time Ladder 3 ran from here also. The Delta side is Baker St. The door on the Delta Side is at the rear of the building and housed the Fire Alarm Office and Electrical Division Wagons which Maintained the fire and police...
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    So that was different from a Squadrol?
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    What’s that blue, police looking vehicle behind the ambulance?
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    Pre-1950 Pirsch Apparatus

    This picture appears to be from the late 1950's. The vehicle had the hoist replaced and ladder work circa 1950 and 1953. Not sure which when. The control stand is the more modern type which would indicate 1950's date. Also in the picture is the rear of the 1956 Dodge/Morse rescue.
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    The Sealand Corporation

    Looks like it could be a Holmes wrecker boom.
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    Edward G. Moody

    Might be Whelen strobes.
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    James Boyd & Brother

    Flush Hydrant appears to be a Ross. From what I've seen this was the principal for the Baltimore HP system.
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    Maine Fire Badges

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    City Service Trucks

    Ahhhh, Paul this would be Federal St. I believe. Built about 1878 or so, two bay house. Commercial St. was 1895 or 96 off the top of my head. Commercial St. And Glenmere Stations built on same plans.
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    Would the water have evaporated more slowly with the lid closed? Or dust, dirt and other foreign substances be less likely to be introduced?
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    Maxim Factory Photos...

    I believe this may have been used for artwork as opposed to an actual photograph. Wouldn't surprise me if those two lime yellow pieces were delivered to Somervile.
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    Massachusetts Badges

    Engineering Committee?
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    Early Mack B 1928-1937

    Is there still a bag with a couple of Proter-Silex/Hamilton-Beach Steamers on the piece? Lol I'm just trying to keep KB happy.
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    Horse Drawn Chemical Apparatus

    There is another aspect to the use of chemicals. Broadly they could be broken down as Single Tank, Multi-Tank and Combination Hose and Chemical. My source is some period training manuals. Standard model multi tank and combination chemical units commonly had a manifold connection on one side of...
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    Early Mack B 1928-1937

    Ahh, Paul, I thought you bought Lynnfield's first truck, an ALF 700 Series Junior Aerial Ex-Baldwin?