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Title: Vermont Fire Badges
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Bennington, Vermont Gold Presentation Suspension Badge

A beautiful gold suspension badge presented by the Bennington, Vermont Fire Department to Chief William E. Sears. The total dimensions of the badge are 3 1/8” tall by 1 7/8”. The top banner reads, “Wm E. Sears”. The lettering on the main portion of the badge reads, “Chief – Bennington Fire Dept.” The Bennington Fire Dept. lettering is in a circle of a hose and nozzle. A Fire Chief emblem of five crossed bugles makes up the center of the main badge. The third part of the badge is a miniature speaking trumpet, which is suspended beneath the main portion of the badge. There is a small ruby colored stone used for the eagle’s eye.

The back of the badge is hallmarked “10k and C G B Co.” on the lower left hand corner of the main portion of the badge.  C G B is the hallmark of the C. G. Braxmar Company in New York.

Mr. Sears was the Fire Chief of Bennington from 1916 to July of 1928. William E Sears was born on 24 Aug 1882 in Hinesburg, VT. He died on 25 May 1952 in Bennington, VT. He was a manager of a tallow works in Bennington. His wife was named Anna. They had a son named John and a daughter named Helen.