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There is now a page up on which explains how to hook up your fire call box so that you can demonstrate your setup. Please take a look at

By Dave Windle

Available @
New address is now

Erie_Gamewell: a plethra of info does it again.  These instructions are awesome, and they are free.  Somebody on Ebay is selling instructions to hook up alarms to power.  Thanks

cnc fire:
I just saw the fire alarm box article by Dave Windle on ebay.  It was about connecting your alarm box to an alarm gong.  Does anyone know where Dave is located.  When we were in contact with him, he lived in Colorado, but we lost contact with him.  We're in California and Dave used to make an annual run through our state selling alarm boxes.  He is one of the most knowledgeable people concerning alarm systems.  If anyone has any info on his location, please contact us at   Thanks

there were no replys to this message, I was hoping some info would service on this suject, I have heard quite a bit about Dave

Heck, if anyone knows how to reach Dave, please invite him come be a part of the message boards here :)


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