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Dallas Fire:
Now that I am retired, I want to start learning more about the Gamewell boxes. Things like how they are wired, how to connect them so they work, beinbg able to ID all the different parts and what they do, the different type of boxes (Masert box vs regular box on street) etc....

Is there someplace, someone or somewhere I can purchase such a book or service / operators manual ?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge, it is appreciated.

There are several publications that can assist.  The "History of the Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph" by Paul Roncallo, and an earlier book by Paul Ditzel "Fire Alarm".  Both can be expensive.  However, there is a free online resource you should really consider joining...the "Gamewell Collectors" group on FaceBook.  There is ongoing discussion of Gamewell products as well as many resources in the group Files section.  Personally, I am on FaceBook only to participate in the group.  When you ask to join, please be aware that there are two questions that will pop up that you must answer in order to be approved.


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