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Help out a rural volunteer company in Az.


"Fill out the box":
Hello to you all!

I am just a gentleman who read a post on another site.
It kinda touched me a little bit. In a nut shell, this particular very small rural company has
absolutely no funding. They totally rely on donations for their survival.
They actually got shot down for a line of credit. They tried a go-fund-me
page which brought in a whopping 400 bucks! The reason why I am posting
this is they are in dire straits for a DONATED tanker or engine.
I realize this my be a reach here, but if anyone has knowledge of an apparatus or a possible contact
person PLEASE email me... rweav131@hotmail.com I will give you the Chiefs info.
Thank you all for your time here!
I hope we can locate a giving person, company or municipality


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